If you could change anything in your life right now, what would it be?

What is Theta Healing?


Theta Healing is a gentle therapeutic technique that focuses on helping an individual heal, energize and become aware of their inner strengths.  Through the identification of individuals blocks and “barriers” to growth, healing, and true fulfillment in life, you can learn how to master your mind, regain control over your life, and reach your full potential.


This calming meditation process taps into the Theta brainwave state to explore your past where these “bottom beliefs” as known in Theta Healing, were formed in childhood.


From the ages of 0-7, you were primarily functioning through the Theta brainwave state. This malleable and suggestible brainwave state allowed you to pick up beliefs about who you were and where you fit into the world based on your external experience.


If you experienced a traumatic event that caused feelings of being alone, being unlovable, or unworthy, this belief can be the foundation on which you are unconsciously living your life.

Through a process called “digging” we discover the root cause of physical, mental, emotional, and dis-ease in your life, and the emotional, environmental and energetic attachment that’s causing you to be unable to heal from it.

Theta Healing brings to your awareness the beliefs as to why you’re repeating the same self-sabotaging thoughts, stuck living through your habitual behaviours, and struggling to change your life.

What if you held all the answers within, and all you needed to do was remember the ways to access this wisdom?

There are 3 key steps to the Theta Healing process:

Meditation, Intention and Witnessing




Bringing the client and practitioner into the Theta brainwave state allows for a relaxing and non-invasive interaction with the deep-rooted self-limiting beliefs.  From this space the practitioner and client are connected to the Highest Self and Universal Energy, allowing for a loving and compassionate exploration of the changes that which to be addressed.



Each session is guided through the intention of the Highest Self of the client.  With the intention to heal, become the best version of yourself, and master your mind, this malleable subconscious mind is open to the rewiring of these outdated beliefs into those the client wishes to replace them with.


The simple identification and removal of the belief “I am unworthy of love” to “I am worthy of love” allows for a physiological, emotional and experiential change in the client’s life. 


Theta Healing is a collaboration of energy healing, neuroscience, kinesiology, and epigenetics.  However, we live in a world where seeing is believing, which is why through muscle testing the client is able to witness this physiological change with the removal of the belief.  This reinforces and instills the new belief into the body, mind, and soul to allow for instant and long-lasting changes in the client’s life.


Since Theta Healing works from the root of the issues outward, changes can be seen instantaneously and more sessions may only be recommended depending on the depth and complexity of the belief systems being worked on.


However, nothing is impossible.

What Theta Healing Can Help With

- Anxiety/Depression

- Sexual Abuse

- Heartbreak

- Improve relationship with Money

- "Chronic" or "incurable" diseases

- Self-love

- Manifesting

- Speaking to Spirit Guides

- Balancing Chakras

- Improve Relationships

- Clear Radiation/EMF from body

- Remove Limiting Beliefs

- Change Genetic Coding

- Heal Childhood Trauma

- Visit the Akashic Records to Recall Past Lives & Soul Contracts

- Divine Timing

- Connec With Universal Laws to Bend Time, Aquire Virtues & Enter 5th Dimension

- Unlock your Soul Blueprint

- Decode Your Unique Blocks preventing you from happiness, fulfillment and love

- Channel Source Energy to Receive Universe Guidance free from Duality, Polarity and Ego

- Self-Healing

- Connect With Ancestors

How Can Theta Healing Can Help

Theta Healing allows for a deeper awareness of one’s life, connection to one’s self and the world.  Through connecting to the Highest Self, a client takes with them the knowledge and wisdom to regain the empowerment to make positive changes in their life even after the session.  This gentle, powerful, and transformative healing modality allows for the effective and therapeutic release of traumatic events, old baggage, and wounds, to provide the opportunity for happiness, fulfillment, and purpose in life.

What to Expect During a Session

Each session, whether conducted in person or online, feels like a light, calm and meditative experience.  After identification of the intention which the client wishes to achieve in the session, the practitioner takes the client and themselves into the meditative state of Theta. The sessions are experienced with your eyes closed, to allow a deeper exploration into your inner world, therefore freeing oneself from the ego. With verbal permission, the practitioner will gently enter the energetic space and perform a reading and healing on the client.  Through witnessing the removal of the beliefs and instilling of the new ones, the client is allowed time to rest and accept the healing through a loving approach.  The client is encouraged to be as comfortable as possible to enhance the process of healing, meaning sitting or lying down is optional.

How to Prepare for a Session

Take some time for introspection of what you wish to change in your life.


Come with up to 3 different intentions and we will intuitively determine which will allow for the most healing and growth.

For every Theta Healing appointment it is necessary for you to be properly hydrated. 

If you are sick, or dehydrated; either from alcohol, caffeine, or lack of water consumption, the session cannot be performed optimally. 

This is not fair to you or the practitioner and therefore rescheduling will be urged in order for proper healing to be completed. 

For any virtual sessions, ensure that you have set up a safe and quiet space in which the session can be performed.

If you have sage or palo santo which you would like to burn, or essential oils such as peppermint or frankincense, bring that to the session as well as these scents promote relaxation and positivity. 

For any in-person sessions, the sacred space will be created for you.

In addition, it is asked that you partake in a week of intuitive journaling. 

This means that there is no judgment, or filtering of thoughts and ideas in journaling, but instead just a form of release for your emotions. 

Refer here to learn more about how to partake in intuitive journaling. 


This will encourage you to open up and allow me to access your subconscious easier.


I am a Certified Advanced Theta Healer Practitioner.  I've completed my Advanced DNA seminars technique.  I have found amazing benefits from theta healing.  Not only have I been able to heal myself, but have seen massive changes in those I have helped.