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Spiritual Counseling is a 10-12 week-long, deep, awakening program tailored to those in search of a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose.

Are You Being Intuitively Called to Awaken?

Have you been noticing a divine shift in your energy?

A strange soul knowing that you don't belong?

A desire to understand more about what is manifesting in your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual body?

I am a Theta Healing® Practitioner, Empath, lightworker, and your Soul Alignment Strategist! I have discovered a life of unexpected riches, manifestations, and past life healing through inner work.  


The ability to change your outer world through inner work has been my form of healing and manifestation for both body, mind and soul over the past 6 years. 

I'm not here to convince you, persuade you, or beg you to invest in yourself, I am simply asking you to reflect.

To peel back the layers of your ego that have echoed to you:

- It's weak to ask for help

- I'll be fine, it's just a phase

- I'm worried about what others will think if I truly honour my path

- I'm not even sure I have a spiritual path

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I am here to tell you that I have been through it all!

I have dated the Narcissist that destroyed my very soul, and was also the unexpected key to my awakening.

I have experienced the "Dark Night of the Soul".  The lowest moment, and my pivotal wake-up call.

I have communicated with spirits, traveled through the 7 Planes of Existence, and truly embodied a balance between my feminine and masculine energy.

Soul Alignment Coaching will resonate with you if you're:

- Struggling emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually

- Beginning your spiritual journey

- Suffering from built-up anger, resentment, anxieties, and phobias

-  Looking for a deeper connection to your higher self

- Challenged with life-altering decisions

- Feeling lost, confused, and in need of guidance

- Wanting to advance your Soul-Care

- Looking to enhance your spiritual gifts and abilities

- Desire a deeper, meaningful and passionate love

- Struggle with Self-Confidence and Self-Pleasure

- Blocked Energetically in one or more Chakras

Spiritual Packages

Keys to Cosmic Creation

10 Week One on One virtual coaching, focusing on the inward journey to understanding the depth of your soul and tapping into your authentic gifts.

Divine Awakening

This 12 Week program embodies the true essence of the Higher Self: Shadow, Ego, and Soul with the guidance and resonance of TWO spiritual strategists & healers.

What You Get

Keys to Cosmic Creation

Divine Awakening


Soul Alignment Coaching

6 One Hour Bi-Weekly Virtual Sessions

These sessions are intended to guide your spiritual needs and soul's desires.  Transcend and awaken your inner goddess/god through sacred rituals and practices to balance the Chakras and awaken your healing.

Each session protocols with be provided to guide you through connecting with your souls purpose.


Theta Healing®

4 One Hour Sessions

This meditative energy healing modality allows you to access your subconscious mind, and remove the trauma, wounds, and belief that block the lower three Chakras.


Soul Alignment Coaching

3 Virtual Sessions (1hr)

Each session is intuitively guided by your individual needs and soul path.  Protocols are delivered with proven rituals and practices to heal, transform, and awaken your inner warrior.  This is a time for honest reflection, awareness, and manifesting.


Theta Healing®

3 Virtual Sessions (1hr)

This meditative energy healing modality allows you to access your subconscious mind, and remove the trauma, wounds, and belief that block the lower three Chakras.


Holistic Nutrition

2 Virtual Sessions (1hr)

An energetic and holistic approach to the way food impacts your emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic body.  Balance the Chakras, and heighten your psychic abilities through individualized nutrition guidance.


Energy Healing

2 Reiki Session (1hr)

1 EFT Tapping Session (30mins)

1 Metaphysical Fun Session (45mins)

These sessions are designed to manipulate the energy within the body to release build up/stagnant emotions, move past fear, and release resentments and blocked pathways.


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I've grown into the person I want to be with the guidance from Soul Alignment Coaching.  This was truly a special and awakening experience.

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I chose Soul Alignment Coaching to deeper understand the dreams I was experiencing and the messages my higher self was trying to tell me.  I can now Lucid dream, and speak to spirit guides like I've always wanted!



I have been struggling for years with anxiety and depression, and never truly understood just how powerful my childhood was in shaping who I was.  Once I released those beliefs through Soul Alignment Coaching, I no longer fear the world I live in.