Words of Purpose

Words are powerful, and when used well, they can incite people to both abundance and suffering. 


Create your own affirmations, and use the power of your speech to drastically change your life!

Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

Yehuda Berg

Why Regular Affirmations don't work

There are thousands of affirmations out there, each possessing their own intention and frequency embedding in them.  However, those who are reading the affirmations are coming from their OWN vibrational frequency, NOT yours!

Words hold powerful energy behind them, and therefore, unless the reader truly believes what is being said, those who listen won't believe it either!

The most successful people who use affirmations to create a new reality use their OWN voice!

"The feeling is what produces the emotional charge (energy) to stimulate your Autonomic  Nervous System... into a new destiny" 

-Bruce Lipton

Why Personalized Affirmations Work

Theta State

The Theta brain wave state is

associated with deep, transformative meditation, hypnosis, re-learning and “reprogramming.”


Listening to affirmations with Theta frequencies tunes your brain to theta, and in this spirit can pave the way for the healing and overwriting of limiting beliefs and patterns with positive ones.


Each track is designed with YOUR desired intentions.  


Either follow the script and fill in the words that resonate with you, or create your own unique affirmation track that is will manifest your desired reality.

Your Own Voice

Eliminate the contradictions between what you listen to and what you say... because it is still YOUR voice!

YOU place the emotional, mental, and physical energy behind your affirmations and words, therefore holding YOUR energetic frequency.

Law of Intention

These affirmations have you speaking your desired reality in the present, as if it already happened.  This programs your mind to believe you already have your desires. It also how a profound effect on the Co-creation process of manifesting with Universal Energy.

Some of the most common problems with affirmations is their use of only the conscious mind.

The problem with this is the conscious mind only controls approximately 10% of your life.  The other 90% is controlled by your subconscious mind.

When affirmations are listened to, without the feelings and energy behind the words, they are empty words that will have ZERO impact on the habitual beliefs stored within the subconscious mind.

Through using your own voice, you are constanly listening to YOUR own words, emotions, and energy behind the affirmations stated.

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Common Habitual Hinderances

Some of the most common areas of focus for intentions deal with abundance, love, success, and healing.  Each one with its own hidden beliefs behind them.

Using YOUR voice in affirmations tailored to these common habitual hinderances directly speaks to the subconscious mind and rewrites the beliefs that have prevented you from living your desired reality now.


Attract an Abundance of Money, Love, Creativity, and Success through releasing the beliefs that you have to STRUGGLE and FACE ADVERSITY in life.


Manifest love for yourself, your body, and attract like minded souls into your reality by removing the belief that you're not WORTHY or DESERVING of love.


Clear the path to success, find your soul purpose, strengthen your gifts and talents by removing the belief that you're NOT GOOD ENOUGH


Achieve harmony and coherence of physical, mental or emotional dis-ease by removing the belief that I'M SICK and HEALING ISN'T POSSIBLE

The Science of Vibration 

When you speak, you should speak mindfully, as every words holds a certain vibration associated with it.  Words, and the tone, emotion, and mindset behind the words hold an energetic frequency.

Think of your brain like a tuning fork, and you're broadcasting information to the world around you.  Everything vibrates, and the information sent from your brains broadcasting can intertwine with others energy.

When someone uses the term "good vibes", it's the constructive entanglement of the energies around you.

Using the Placebo Effect to Change Your Life

Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs ultimately have the ability to heal you!

The use of affirmations has the incredible power to raise your vibrational frequency to match your desired outcome.

When you BELIEVE that you have you desired reality you are harnessing this powerful Placebo Effect, and your mind will start to reprogram the old beliefs such as "I can't have this" or "There is no way I can manifest this" into "I have my desired reality right now".

Similar to taking a sugar pill believing it is medicine that can heal, affirmations works the same way on your subconscious mind.


Affirmation Packages

Choose your affirmation package below or create your own using the guided template.

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Emily is a Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner that works with the Theta brain wave states in order to access the subconscious mind to rewire limiting beliefs and heal emotional or physical dis-ease.

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