Why You’re Not Losing Weight

We all blame the birthdays, the special work dinners, the breakups, or the late night munchies.

There always seems to be a reason why we fail at diets. Some external force that prevents us from reaching our fitness goals.

We try every diet possible. Smoothie cleanses, Intermittent fasting, keto, binge eating, diet pills, and more.

Yet NOTHING seems to work.

So many people dieting end up gaining more weight, or losing hope that they can accomplish all they set out to do.

So based on these facts, it MUST be someone/ some external force for which we all fail at diets.

It would be easy for me to agree with the above comment and believe that it is hopeless for so many of us.

However, that is not in my nature.

When you see the world as made of energy, and that each and every one of us sends out a different frequency of energy, you can see that the reason why you fail at diets is due to your


You are made up of energy, and the energy you give out is the energy you bring back to your life. When you live in fear, desperation, frustration, and stress, you send out the frequency of fear, desperation, and stress. Just like a magnet, you attract more people, things, and situations that are also vibrating at that frequency. You may experience more stressful situations, people who frustrate you, and lack of materialistic things that create a sense of desperation for more.

When you hear the majority of people speak about the diets they were either on in the past or current on, it is usually a negative narrative.

” I ONLY lost 5 pounds”

“I CAN”T have that, I’m on a diet”

“If I don’t eat this morning, I can CHEAT on this diet and WON’T gain weight”

“I’m scared I’m NOT going to lose weight”

“I’ll just be HAPPIER once I lose those last 5 pounds”

People don’t speak about themselves or their diet coming from a gratitude, love, and peace. They speak from desperation, fear of failure, guilt, unhappiness. When you FEEL that way about yourself, you GIVE OFF that equivalent energy vibration.

If you really focus, you can probably feel the energy of such a person.

Have you ever walked into a room with 2 people and feel the tension as if there was just a fight. That is NEGATIVE energy being radiated from those 2 individuals.

Think about anything in life is the same way.

The more you believe the diet won’t work, that you haven’t lost enough weight, or that you’re not happy with yourself in the state you’re in, you’re asking for such energy to be brought back to you.

The Universe will show you more opportunities to fail, more people to test your self esteem, more occasions to test your will power, and more chance to fail.

So how do we SUCCEED at dieting?


When you show up to the world with your energy vibrating from gratitude, happiness, and love, you will receive more of that in your life.

Create a mantra for your weight loss journey that is coming from a place of love and gratitude.

Instead of saying “once I lost those last 5 pounds I’ll be happy”

Say instead “I love the body I have and every day I improve my health naturally”

Instead of “I can’t have that, I’m on a diet.”

Say instead “I choose to put natural, holistic foods into my body and it nourishes my body and makes me feel great”.

By changing the language and in turn, the energy that you give out to the world, you will, in turn, get that back.

You CAN win at dieting, but YOU are the only one standing in your way!

Not the breakups or the fights, or the weddings and vacation.

YOU and ONLY YOU can change your energy by changing your mindset on losing weight and dieting!

So, what’s holding you back?

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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