Which is Your Favourite Energy Healing Modality?

As an empath, a lightworker and a Theta Healer, I am aware of the use of an energy healing modality as a way to heal.

Energy surrounds each and every one of us and the impact that it can have on our health is important to understand and respect.

We are surrounded by never-ending energy that flows through us, around us and guides us through this lifetime.

Everything we see, smell, taste, and touch is energy vibrating at a different frequency.

We visualize it, sense it, and search for deeper ways to control it.

However, when it comes to healing, people so easily cast the idea of energy away.

They hear someone speak about energy healing and believe it is nonsense, make-believe or an imagined form of healing.

If someone has a headache they typically turn to Advil to solve the problem.

If someone has a nasty cough, they usually seek out some form of cold medicine.

It seems that one’s first reaction to a form of ‘dis-ease’ in the body, is to medicate it.

Why not tap into the energy that makes us who we are in the first place?

Attempt to determine the reason for the headache that is causing you ‘dis-ease’, or what your body is trying to tell you with the cough?

When your body isn’t performing at its optimal state, it serves as a message to you that something in your life, something in your soul, is off.

Just like you use your words in order to convey to others when something doesn’t feel right to you, your body reacts in the same way.

It will produce certain ailments or illnesses in order to send a sign that there is an imbalance in your energy, and it needs to be resolved.

Through my experience with energy healing, I have been able to avoid any and all pharmaceutical medication for over a year.

Additionally, I have been able to almost completely resolve my IBS and PCOS, and haven’t had a cold or flu in over 13 months.

What to Expect with These 5 Different Energy Healing Modalities


There is nothing negative I can say about acupuncture.

It is one of the primary reasons why I have been cured the symptoms of my PCOS and IBS.

The ability for such small needles to hit points in your body which in turn wake up the muscles, hormones, or organs it is targeting, is absolutely fascinating.

This form of energy healing is slowing becoming more popular but still isn’t given the credit it is due.

What to Expect:

During a session, you may experience some bleeding, as there is a needle entering your body.

There also may be some pain, but not necessarily from the needle itself.

The pain will come from the energy points in the body that the needle hits.

However, the pain is a good sign that you DO in fact have an energy blockage.

This is an amazing energy healing modality that can help with everything from digestive issues, headaches, heartbreak and more!

Try it out today!


Hypnosis or Past Life Regression

This was one of the beginning healing modalities I dabbled in, and it changed my view on healing forever.

I knew that I had a lot of trauma from my past that had manifested itself into illnesses, but was unsure of how to release them.

Through this form of healing, I was able to do the one thing that was hardest to do, forgive someone who hurt me.

It allowed me a safe space to forgive another, while in turn forgiving myself for holding in the secrets for so long.

What to Expect:


Expect a lot of crying.

This type of energy healing modality taps into parts of your subconscious and soul that you have neglected or been avoiding for a long time.

Bringing up old trauma is very challenging, so expect a whirlwind of emotions during this healing.

However, they also expect somewhat of rebirth after the healing.

Once you’ve tapped into your subconscious, you can’t turn back.

This means that you will have a new outlook on life, and feel a sense of freedom and release from the trauma that once held you back!

This is a very powerful and very life-changing energy healing modality that everyone should experience.


Chakra Healing

I am in love with chakra healing because it also heals so many more superficial aspects of your life.

Your Root Chakra has to do with grounding, security, and safety and once balanced, it can also provide abundance and prosperity.

Your Sacral Chakra deals with sexuality and self-esteem and when balanced can bring about healthy relationships, manifesting abilities, and a sense of love for yourself.

With each of the 7 Chakras comes certain ‘dis-ease’ symptoms in the body.

The soul expresses these physical symptoms to you in order for you to become aware of which energy center needs your attention.

Take the headache example from earlier, that deals with your Third Eye Chakra, and your lack of ability to visualize your future, and carry through with commitments.

The nasty cough deals with your Throat Chakra, and an issue that you may be keeping buried, unable to vocalize effectively.

Chakra healing can be done through meditation, crystals or even through a certified chakra healing practitioner.

What to Expect:

During chakra healing, expect an increase in energy.

When your chakras are blocked, your energy is also blocked.

You may feel sluggish, fatigued, or irritated.

Once your chakras are balanced you feel full of life, positive and optimistic.

One of the greatest things to expect after a session is a change.

You may notice more money coming to you, love appearing in your life.

You may be able to manifest easier, have greater confidence, less physical pain.

When your chakras are balanced your soul is at peace and balance, making this one of my favourite energy healing modalities.


Chinese Medicine

This experience by far was the most mind blowing out of all the energy healing modalities I’ve tried.

I don’t even know how to describe this type of energy healing to you, because I went into it blindly myself.

What to Expect:

Through the healing process I felt the practitioner MOVE the energy throughout my body.

It felt like small non-painful shocks.

The pain traveled from my right hand, up my arm, across my body, and down my left arm.

Just through this technique he was able to release trauma that was held as stagnant energy in my body.

This allowed the energy to flow freely throughout my energy meridians, the way it is supposed to when your body is in ‘ease’.

Let me just warn you, it does sting a tad bit!

He is literally moving the negative energy out of your body, just like ripping a bandaid off your arm.

I was also exhausted after the session.

Energy healing can sometimes be very draining.

Removing, balancing and channeling energy in your body and soul requires energy.

So once the healing is completed it is suggested you rest for a while.

If you’re interested in seeing the practitioner that I had, check out the link below!

Master Lee

Definitely an energy healing modality that will make you BELIEVE in energy healing


Theta Healing

This is hands down the broadest and most powerful of energy healing modality out there.

While each of the other modalities focuses on one aspect of your mind, body, and soul, this modality can do all that, and more.

As a certified Advanced Theta Healer myself, I have seen the massive changes that have occurred not only in my clients but in myself.

Some included:

  1. manifesting more money

  2. healing from heartbreak

  3. healing digestive issues

  4. releasing resentment from parents

  5. letting go of the fear of being alone

  6. getting pregnant

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Theta Healing, be sure to check out the link below, it will blow your mind!

Theta Healing Technique

What to Expect:

Theta healing, like some other energy healing modalities, accesses your subconscious mind.

During the session, expect a lot of crying as well.

This is because you are discovering hidden and deep-rooted beliefs that you never knew you had.

Every single one of my clients cried their first session.

This is because they were releasing a part of their ego and subconscious beliefs that they had held onto for so long.

Also, expect to be drained energetically.

After my first session, I also experienced a detox process.

Read more about My First Theta Healing Experience here!


Energy is what allows us to be, and what allows us to heal.

When we open our minds to the fact that we are energy, we can learn to respect it more.

This will allow ourselves to heal the way we are able to; energetically.

Which is your favourite energy healing modality?

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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