What is the Real Reason for Your Anger?

Have you even been speaking with someone, and suddenly a comment is made that irritates you to your core?

That one pang of anger that seems to rise up within you, that lingers on for the rest of the day, all while you’re constantly replaying the conversation in your head.

As conscious beings, we have a LOT of information stored in our brains. Some of this information may include wonderful memories, experience, environment and people. It could be mathematical problems, a persons face, or even how to spell your own name.

However, as conscious beings, we also have a LARGE subconscious mind, that holds deeper and more intense memories and beliefs.

Such beliefs have been imprinted in your subconscious mind from the time you were born, with some even beleiving they are programmed before you are born.

If you think about how much information, experiences, and memories we hold in our subconscious mind, it is scary to think how much our environment impacts our perspective on things.

Our subconscious mind can hold beliefs such as:

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m fat”

“I’ll never have enough money”

“No one will love me, I am unlovable”

“I need to struggle to succeed”

These are large insecurities and beliefs that shape the way you view the world, and can in turn affect your physical and emotional wellbeing.

So, what is the REAL reason why you get angry?

It is because someone struck a nerve in one of the beliefs that have been locked away deep in your subconscious mind!

When others make you angry, no matter their reason, it is because they either went against a belief you have, or reinforced one!

Think back to the last time someone pissed you off. Really think about what it was about. Now think about how much of what they said was true, how much was based on your perspective, and how much was a result of your own beliefs.

You will be surprised to realize, every emotion that is negative, whether anger, sadness, fear, guilt or anxiety, is just an indicator that you are not alignment to the correct frequency for wellbeing.

So when someone makes you angry, before you rip their head off, take a minute of silence, and try and internalize exactly WHY you are angry!

So they called you fat. Are you angry because it’s true, or angry because you’ve been programmed from an experience in your childhood that has confirmed you’re not the “desired” weight, and their comment reinforced that belief in you?

So someone didn’t invite you to an event that all your other friends attended. Does that bother you because you were bored and longed to go out, or because you felt a lack of belonging and rejection by those who (in your mind) was supposed to make you feel included in everything?

When you begin to internalize your emotions, you will begin to see that all of the power is within you.