Using the Law of Attraction to Change your Life!

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When we were kids we all tried to pull a stuffed bunny rabbit out of our parent’s old ratty hat to show off our skills.  We were hypnotized by Disney movies that proved magic was real, that paupers can turn in princesses, golden hair has magic powers, and carpets can really fly.

Why wouldn’t we believe this, we were naive kids who had vivid imaginations of dragons and tooth fairies and dare I say it… Santa Clause.  But as time goes on we are told to grow up, society forces us to stop believing in that hocus-pocus (great movie btw), and teaches us that magic is just an illusion.

And to those who believe that,


Now don’t go spreading the word that I wait up all night hoping to catch a glimpse of old Saint Nick December 24, but go right ahead and tell people that I do believe in magic.

Because magic is real!

I’m not talking about a rabbit being pulled out of a hat, but the unexpected, unimaginable, amazing things that pop up because I not only willed it, I believed in it!

Practicing the Law of Attraction has brought so much magic into my life I swear if I willed hard enough I’d probably be able to turn my mom’s wooden gnome into a real boy! But I have so many bigger issues to focus on, so I’ll save that for one of my easier work days.

For today, I focus on the tasks that seem impossible, the ones that could only appear by magic.

If anyone has ever heard of The Secret, you’d know that one of the most popular Universal Laws is the Law of Attraction!

Now don’t go waving your magic wand over a boy you wish to be attracted to you, because I’ve tried that, and all he did was run away.

What I am telling you though, is that this law works, LIKE MAGIC!

That is the simplest way to put it! You believe you can have something, enough so that you believe it’s already right in front of you, and with your endless powers, it appears!

For anyone who hasn’t seen this movie,


I don’t receive any money from having you watch it, but I do get more people understanding the magical powers they possess and the endless elements of the universe, and to me, that’s payment enough.

For the last 5 years, I have suffered from losing my periods, hair loss, depressed times, weight gain, stomach issues, pain, and unemployment.  Every day I’d wake up dreading what the day would bring, going over in my head how bad it would turn out.

Thinking about my days in this way affected my mood, upset my stomach making me throw up, and prevented me from being able to work out because I was in so much pain.  Each day when I went to sleep I would be upset about how the day turned out and how to expect the same the next day!

I would go to doctors appointments knowing they wouldn’t be able to find a solution and I would be disappointed once again.

This pattern persisted, until the day I randomly (or not as randomly as I once believed), stumbled upon The Secret on Netflix.  As I sat there in awe as I once did as a child watching a Disney movie of a pauper turning into a princess, I was awoken from the stupidity slumber I was in to see that I could have ANYTHING I wanted in the world,


I didn’t know where to go from there, I couldn’t believe that I had this much magic inside me and that the universe was really there to guide me through life, through the law of attraction.

By now I hope you have all stopped reading this to go watch the Secret, and don’t worry I will be waiting patiently for your return.

For those who are right on track with me, I say believe! Believe in something that seems crazy, something that feels like it can only be wished upon a star for.

Because I PROMISE it’s real!

Let me break it down in more simple terms.  When I say jump, you say how high!

Well, that’s not exactly how it’s done, but if any of you jumped, well… I have more power than I thought!!

Newton’s 3rd law is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We can all agree on that right, scientists have proved it, it’s a known law! Well, that is the Law of Attraction, and to be honest, it’s wasted in homework questions.

With knowing this fact we can create whatever we think!

For example, every time I would say I felt sick, the universe would only bring me more sickness.

Every time I would say I’m broke, the universe would bring me more opportunities to prove I lacked money.  Because of that opportunity, I would once again say, well it’s true, I’m broke and the universe would backhand me with a bill or a debt notice. And BOY DID IT SUCK!

Don’t worry, we are all guilty of saying something negative once in a while. But see what happens when you do! Just like every good fairy out there, there is also a wicked witch of the west! And this wicked witch hears every negative thing you say and therefore, curses you for it!

Still confused??

The workings of this Law are quite simple, it can only ever answer YES to you!

NEVER NO! It’s quite amazing.

So if you say “I’m NEVER going to get a job”, the law responds with an EQUAL answer of saying “YES, yes you’re right, you won’t get a job”

Change that around by saying “oh me oh my, I’m going to get an amazing job”, to which the law (Universe) responds with an equal answer of WHY YES MY DEAR, YES YOU ARE!

I have used this Law to help me heal myself!

BULL SH*T you may say! Well, nonbeliever, I challenge you!

  1. Go watch the Secret! Because it is the tip of the iceberg to the ENDLESS resources about creating magic

  2. Try it out!

However, there is a catch! Just like you can’t lie while strapped to a lie detector test, you CAN’T lie while the Universal law is strapping you down.

So for everyone who is skeptical on the magic power you and the universe holds, that’s fine, I will NEVER try and convince or force someone to do anything they don’t want to or believe in something they don’t want to believe in.

For those who still believe in magic, try it out!

I’d suggest reading Magic, a sequel to The Secret, which is what drove my inspiration and evidence of such miracles occurring!

As it is mentioned in the book, start small; pick something you want to see in your life! Don’t go asking to win the lottery; that would require a lot of magic that right now you’re not ready for!

What I do suggest is asking to see something, as small, as say a wee ol’ feather, a flashy orange car, a butterfly or a yellow bird.  Whatever you choose, give yourself 48 hours to see it!  And then start looking!


Don’t go to a car dealership, or shoot down a bird in order to see feathers fly,

but DO INTEND to see it!

Similar to what is mentioned in this unbelievable book, say to yourself: “I expect to see ______ for the next 48 hours!

And REALLY believe it!

Believe it in like you used to believe in magic because I swear it’s just as good as having a genie give you three wishes.  Except its better, because the wish list is endless!

When I first started this, I used dimes! Maybe 4 hours later, I intended to see them, I was in a booth with my friend for dinner and I paid for my bill with my Debit card.  I went to the bathroom and when I came back, there was a dime right bang spank in the middle of my seat! I nearly passed out! And I saw 5 more over the remaining 48 hours in the most unexpected ways!


The Law of Attraction is like magic that allows us to create the life we want.  So I challenge you to try this out, and let me know what happens! Because the more people who believe in magic, the more our dreams come true!

Grateful for today,


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