Using the Law of Attraction to Change your Life!

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When we were kids we all tried to pull a stuffed bunny rabbit out of our parent’s old ratty hat to show off our skills.  We were hypnotized by Disney movies that proved magic was real, that paupers can turn in princesses, golden hair has magic powers, and carpets can really fly.

Why wouldn’t we believe this, we were naive kids who had vivid imaginations of dragons and tooth fairies and dare I say it… Santa Clause.  But as time goes on we are told to grow up, society forces us to stop believing in that hocus-pocus (great movie btw), and teaches us that magic is just an illusion.

And to those who believe that,


Now don’t go spreading the word that I wait up all night hoping to catch a glimpse of old Saint Nick December 24, but go right ahead and tell people that I do believe in magic.

Because magic is real!

I’m not talking about a rabbit being pulled out of a hat, but the unexpected, unimaginable, amazing things that pop up because I not only willed it, I believed in it!

Practicing the Law of Attraction has brought so much magic into my life I swear if I willed hard enough I’d probably be able to turn my mom’s wooden gnome into a real boy! But I have so many bigger issues to focus on, so I’ll save that for one of my easier work days.

For today, I focus on the tasks that seem impossible, the ones that could only appear by magic.

If anyone has ever heard of The Secret, you’d know that one of the most popular Universal Laws is the Law of Attraction!

Now don’t go waving your magic wand over a boy you wish to be attracted to you, because I’ve tried that, and all he did was run away.

What I am telling you though, is that this law works, LIKE MAGIC!

That is the simplest way to put it! You believe you can have something, enough so that you believe it’s already right in front of you, and with your endless powers, it appears!

For anyone who hasn’t seen this movie,