Theta Healing Experiment

Theta Healing is a profound and life-changing energy healing modality that works with the subconscious mind.

This healing modality uses intention, meditation, and witnessing to rewire the subconscious programming that is running on autopilot so you can live life through love, fulfilment, freedom and abundance.

When I did my training to be a Theta Healing Practitioner, I was taught the ins and outs of the mind from a spiritual, neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics standpoint.


With this knowledge, I came to realize just how powerful this "tuning fork" which is the mind, truly is.

How important thoughts, emotions and words are in creating your reality.

Most importantly, how crucial it is to become aware of the programming which you are living out of.

The Subconscious Programming

Similar to the movie The Matrix, you are living your current reality within the program that you downloaded during the ages of 0-7.

This time period of your life was the foundation of your belief system.

Since you were primarily in the Theta brainwave state, you were more suggestible, submissive, and impressionable to the world around you.

Through Theta Healing, you re-enter this powerful brainwave state, to identify these hidden programs in which you have been living through.

This programming is also known as BELIEFS.

So when you hear people mention belief systems, this is the concept of which they are speaking.

The beliefs in which are engrained in your subconscious mind, and ruling 95% of your life... UNCONSCIOUSLY.


The Formula For Change

Intention | Meditation | Witnessing

With the intention to identify and remove your self-limiting beliefs, your conscious mind is now ready to investigate that which has been working on overdrive behind the scenes in your mind.

With meditation, you are able to access these altered brainwave states; specifically, the Theta brainwave state, to have direct access to past memories in which these beliefs were first programmed.

Through witnessing, these beliefs are removed and replaced with ones that support the reality in which you wish to experience.

Therefore, like the movie The Matrix, you choose the RED PILL, to leave the program in which you were in, allowing you to now enter into a new program that allows you to be the Creator of your Reality.

A program in which your CURRENT self chose, instead of one that your younger self involuntarily received.

If you're interested in rewiring your brain to enter into a NEW program, book your Theta Healing session here!


What I've Witnessing Through Theta Healing

With all of this being said, Theta Healing has drastically changed my life in ways that are unexplainable.

I was able to HEAL myself from Celiac Disease, PCOS, IBS, and more.

I have HEALED myself from the effects of sexual abuse as a child, narcissistic relationships, and trust issues.

I have witnessed clients become pregnant after years of trying without success, "incurable" ailments return back into full health and alignment, and the manifesting of love and money faster than I ever imagined.

I've had clients come to me for:

- Anxiety/Depression - Sexual Abuse - Heartbreak - Improvement in their relationship with Money - "Chronic" or "incurable" diseases - Self-love - Manifesting - Speaking to Spirit Guides - Balancing Chakras - Improving Relationships - Clearing Radiation/EMF from the body - Removing Limiting Beliefs - Changing Genetic Coding - Healing Childhood Trauma

- Visiting the Akashic Records to Recall Past Lives & Soul Contracts

- Divine Timing

- Connecting With Universal Laws to Bend Time, Aquire Virtues & Enter 5th Dimension

- Unlocking your Soul Blueprint

- Decoding Your Unique Blocks preventing you from happiness, fulfillment, and love

- Channeling Source Energy to Receive Universe Guidance free from Duality, Polarity, and Ego

- Self-Healing

- Connecting With Ancestors


The Belief & Feeling Contract

Theta Healing uses both belief work AND feeling work to bring together the union of thoughts and emotions.

Without an emotional attachment to something or someone, that item or person is neutral.

However, what happens when there isn't an emotional attachment or worse, a destructive emotional attachment placed on something/someone?

Let's look at the example of one of my clients>

She came to me because she has suffered from a narcissistic mother.

She continued to attract toxic and abusive love into her life and couldn't understand why.

We found she held the programming or the root belief: "I am unlovable", "Love = chaos", and "I am unworthy of healthy love"

Now, these beliefs were removed, however, she still didn't KNOW what healthy love felt like.

She had NEVER experienced it before.

So her emotional attachment to love was that of guilt, shame, abuse, and pain.

So the feelings of love, safety, trust, support, and respect were downloaded to accompany the new program of "I am worthy of healthy love", "Love = Safety", and "I love myself unconditionally".

This is why feeling work is so vital for any healing.

There requires NEW programming with a NEW belief with a NEW emotional attachment.


Theta Healing Experiment

One practice that is advised for all Theta Healing Practitioners to partake in upon completion of their training, is to participate in the Theta Healing Experiment or New Life Experiment.

This experiment is 30 days long and requires you to live consciously through the delicate and specific use of your words and intentions.

This experiment is meant to challenge your mind to think differently.

To REMOVE yourself from the old programming and into a new program through the use of words and feelings.

This experiment includes a LONG list of words and emotions you are challenged to overcome/avoid.

If you'd like to download this experiment, do so through the link below!

Theta Healing Experiment
Download PDF • 39KB

I promise you this, will bring to your awareness just what sort of programming you're living out of.

Whether it's you speaking negatively about yourself, creating more anxiety than necessary, or being judgmental, you will get a glimpse of the self-limiting beliefs you embody.

This will provide an opportunity to remove these beliefs, and create new ones, to therefore create a new reality!

If you're ready to reprogram your mind, choose a new "programming" and step into the reality of empowerment, love, and freedom, book your Theta Healing Session now!

Sending you all love and magick,

EMs Path