The Question To Ask Your Spirit Guides-Spiritual Awakening

Spirit Guides, Angels, the Creator, and everything in between, are all working with you to help reawaken your soul, and thrive during your time here on earth.

Spiritual awakening allows for many wonderful celebrations and miracles to appear in your life.  

You begin to notice synchronicities, signs from your angels, and some form of surprises and “coincidences” that pop up like magic.

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This can bring about amazing, liberating and empowering feelings. You will experience feelings of importance, power, feel special and downright ecstatic.

What you don’t realize is that the Universe, Creator, Source and Spirit Guides (whatever you wish to call it), all have the beautiful ability to guide you during your spiritual awakening process.

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It can best be described through this analogy of being a ship out at sea.  

The lighthouse is a beacon of guidance, showering the ship (pst, that’d you) where to go, and leads them to shore.

However, in this case, the lighthouse is the Creator, the ultimate light that leads you home to your soul.

The light shines, showing you the right path to make it to your soul.

Veering off from the light can lead the ship to hit rocks or go astray, or in the case of spiritual awakening, it can cause disturbances in your mental and physical well-being.


When you veer off the “path” to your soul, your body reacts, your mind reacts, and the Universe reacts.

How, do you ask, do you “veer” off the path to your soul?

It starts from the frequency you give off!

This frequency sets in motion a pattern where you begin to attract things that match that frequency. The more you veer off, the harder it is to see the path back to the light.

The Universe will bring about negative emotions that may feel like fear, anxiety, anger, depression.

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Your body may react by showing up as sicknesses, accidents, or chronic illnesses. Digestive issues, migraines, unbalanced hormones, and cancer