The Power of a Personal Letter in Manifesting

Writing a personal letter to help manifest?

Writing has been one of my favourite forms of healing.

Not only is writing therapeutic, but there is also a lot of energy and power in your ability to write.

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When you write something down, you are putting all your focus and attention into writing each word.

Your thoughts are focused on the spelling, the penmanship, and more importantly, the message.

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Writing has many benefits, including allowing you to speak and communicate with your higher self and spirit guides.

Every day we are told to write things down.

  • To-do lists

  • Gratitude lists

  • Intentions and goals

  • Even love notes

So why do we think that it would be any different why trying to manifest?!

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The standard rule for manifesting and harnessing the Law of Attraction is:




There are many techniques available for harnessing the Law of Attraction, and writing (not typing) is an amazing technique.


What is a Personal Letter for Manifesting?

A person manifesting letter is a letter you write to yourself.

Here’s the catch though, you’re writing a letter to your PRESENT self, from your future self.

The Law of Attraction asks for you to never figure out the HOW in what you want to manifest.

Determining the "how" is shutting off all possibilities that the Universe could have had planned for you!

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By writing a personal manifesting letter you are ignoring the HOW, and just focusing on the end result.

Through writing, you are physically and energetically telling the Universe what you desire for your life!

You could structure the letter in any way you desire, with as much or as little detail as you want.

Pro Tip: the more details you provide, the clearer your desires are to the Universe, so the faster the manifestation process is!



One of the hardest parts of manifesting is believing.

This is because you have been raised in a world where people constantly told you ‘seeing is believing”!

Bring yourself back to your childhood and those endless hours playing House and School.

Your imagination was SOO powerful that you truly believed your Barbie Dolls ® were alive, that you were actually a flying superhero, and that your stuffed animals came to life when you left the room.

When did this change?

When did you wake up BELIEVING that none of this was possible just because others couldn’t see it!

Through a personal manifesting letter, you are bringing your focus back to that childhood of imagination.

You are matching your feelings and thoughts with what you desire because you’re required to write it down!

If I asked a child to think of their “dream house” and I asked them to write down what they wanted in that “dream house” I can guarantee they could imagine everything from the shape, the rooms, the colours and the smell of mummy's cookies!

I want you to do the same!

Put yourself in that house!

Allow yourself to become immersed in the experience of having that house, the joy, gratitude, and love that comes along with it!

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This allows you to BELIEVE, and to match your feelings and emotions with your desire.



This is the most exciting part of a personal manifesting letter!

Receiving your desires!

So here's the secret, pick a timeline of your letter!

How far into the future are you?

One month requires A LOT of believing (not to say that isn’t completely possible).

I would focus on 1 desire so you can match your full energy and attention with that one desire.

6 months is a great timeline goal, as long as you match your energy with your desires.

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You could add 1-4 things you wish to manifest, giving clear descriptions and emotions attached to each.

1 year allows you to write a lot more about multiple desires.

Imagine your WHOLE life!

How much do you want your life to change in a year?

Be as descriptive and as extravagant as possible!

Write down those far fetched desires and dreams that others told you would be impossible to achieve!

Want to travel the world, write it down!

Be the CEO of 10 companies, write that Sh*t down!

Find your soulmate and be married within the year, write that down too!


This isn’t a time to be realistic.

Your reality is just a reflection of your energy and emotions!

You can attract whatever you desire into your life as long as you match your energy to it!

Let yourself go big on your desires!

I like to pretend as if I’m writing a friend I haven’t seen in a certain amount of time (timeline of the letter).

This allows my imagination to feel more real.

The only difference is, I’m writing it to myself!

My present self.