The 5 Unknown Benefits of Meditation on Mind, Body & Soul.

Meditation is a practice that I have incorporated into my life over the past year; and throughout the year, I have grown more emotionally, personally, and spiritually than I could have expected.

Everything is Energy.

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Growing up I always heard people mention meditation, but it always came across as a “woohoo practice” and the mental image of people sitting cross-legged while humming a weird sound came to my mind.

Meditation was always accompanied by the idea that it was a practice for hippies or those who don’t fit into the “typical” stereotype of western society.

To be honest, once I began practicing meditation, I realized


The only thing that changed was my perspective around meditation and discovering all the AMAZING benefits that it does for you.

The reason why I started meditation was to find a way to manage my stress and anxiety. I had been living with numerous autoimmune and gut issues, all stress related, and I was searching for a way to help reduce that stress.

What I found out is that not only did my gut issues begin to fade away, but other areas of my life began to transform as well.

The 5 Unknown Benefits of Meditation

1. Speak to Your Higher Self

This may not be the best way to convince you that mediation isn’t a “woohoo” practice, but it is one of my favourite reasons to mediate.

When I first started meditating, I could barely relax and calm my mind long enough to sit for more than 5 minutes. I was itching for the timer to go off, or the music to end so I could continue on with my day.

Then one day, about 8 minutes in, I heard a voice that seemed foreign, yet at the same time, all too familiar to me.

It was my own voice, but one from a frequency of love and light.

It spoke quietly, slowly, and through a version of me that wasn’t new, but of someone I wanted to become.

I clearly knew this voice wasn’t the Ego side of me, but a voice from my soul, or higher self coming through to me. It felt like a rebirth, an awakening of the dormant part of myself that society told me to keep quiet.

From then I was hooked, I had to continue to meditate, to engage in have longer conversations with my higher self and to discover where it would lead me.

2. Stay Younger From Meditation

Now in no way am I saying if you’re 50 you will be able to turn back time to when you were 25 years old, I think meditation would be a lot more popular if that was the case.

However, what I am here to tell you is that you can slow down the process of aging through meditation.

There are 2 ways in which this can be done:

1. Affirmations

Similar to using affirmations to manifest more money, or love, the act of harnessing the Law of Attraction for vitality can be done in the exact same way.

Change your financial situation and relationship with money through these 10 Money Affirmations

During meditation, some advanced mediators can actually go so deep into the session that they shift their brain waves from alpha or beta to theta brain waves.

Read here about Theta Healing and the meditative practice that can release limiting beliefs.

Theta brain waves allow the connection with the subconscious mind to tap into the beliefs that have caused you to age the way you have.

As a kid, everyone tells you “don’t get old”, “enjoy this while you’re young”, or “I’m not looking forward to aging”.

All this talk actually subconsciously programs into your mind the belief that aging is a terrible process, filled with wrinkles, injury, and disease.

When one enters the theta state during meditation, the affirmations you say actually go into your subconscious mind and help change those thought patterns that made the cells in your body believe aging would be terrible.

Check out other ways to increase vitality here!

2. Reduce Stress Through Meditation

One of the widely known reasons for meditation is to eliminate stress.

Stress is one of the major reasons for disease and death, as the more our bodies are under stress, the less they perform effectively and the faster they “age”.

If you’ve ever seen a stressed out person, you can physically see the havoc it takes on their body. They have grey hair, wrinkles, bags under their eyes, and are irritated by the slightest thing.

These are all signs that their body’s cells are losing their vitality, that they are aging faster than they normally would.

When you reduce stress through meditation, you actually slow down the process of aging by keeping the cells healthy, and out of an inflammatory state.

3. Help You Break Bad Habits

Meditation, when used daily, can decrease the amount of mental chatter you have going on. The mental chatter that keeps you up at night, that keeps you anxious, and that causes you to partake in bad habits.

Bad habits, ones that revolve around creating a happy feeling, or avoiding a bad one, are detrimental to your health.

Biting your nails, smoking, doing drugs, binge eating, excessive partying or drinking are just a few examples of bad habits that come from the mental chatter that goes on in your head.

When you struggle to quiet your mind, your mind can take over what you feel and think. You will no longer live through the control of your soul mind but begin to live through the control of your ego mind.

Read here about the 5 questions to ask yourself to determine if you’re living through your ego or soul mind.

Bad habits are extremely hard to break, which is why they become a habit in the first place.

 However, meditating for 10 minutes every day, for at least 21 days, may just be the nudge you need to stop.

When you can slow down your thoughts, observe them, and interpret what they are trying to teach you, then you can be open to the idea of fixing that area of your life, instead of running from them.

4. Stop Anger in its Tracks

Now, everyone has their individual reasons to be angry, to yell, overreact, and hold a grudge.

However, one of the major reasons people fight is for the need to gain power over another human.

You don’t realize you’re doing it, as it’s an ingrained survival method that has been with us for centuries.

However, when you get into a fight or get angry, it is because someone threatened a part of your personality or belief that chipped away at your ego.

Try and remember the last time you were angry. What was the reason?

Did someone cut you off in traffic? Your partner didn’t clean the dishes? Your friends disagreed with a point you made in a debate?

Getting angry comes from a place of survival, and threat, and when you react through that, you react blindly. You react in a way that can show your dominance, your power over another, and in turn, boosts your ego.

Read here about the truth behind why you get angry!

Through meditation, you can have better communication with your soul self, release the NEED to shine through your ego, and live more presently.

Meditation allows your thoughts to slow down, in addition to allowing for a better understanding of different perspectives.

If I ever feel threatened by another, or angered by anyone, I meditate on it. I try and understand exactly “why” I was angry and what that person did to make me angry.

9 out of 10 times, they did something that threatened my ego.

They chipped away at the image I had of myself, and that made me angry.

However, upon realizing that they are acting out through anger as well, I can see their perspective and I know it has nothing to do with me, they are just searching for a way to gain back their power too.

Mediation can help you better identify with your emotions and soon you can apply those same feelings of peace and love into moments of anger or frustration.

An amazing way to analyze your emotions, connect with your mind, body and soul, and feel deeper into meditation is through crystals. Crystals can be held during meditation, and the energetic frequency they give out allows for your energy to raise because of it.

Check out some of my favourite crystals for meditating including


Blue Lace Agate

Clear Quartz

5. Find Your Soul Purpose

Now this is super cliché and I apologize for that, but I firmly believe meditation has the power to transform your life.

This daily practice comes with ENDLESS benefits, and the most liberating one is strengthening your ability to find your true soul purpose in life.

So many peoples’ lives are governed by a set routine of waking up, working to pay off bills, and longing for the weekend to arrive to escape this pattern.

You do what society tells you is the right path for your life; to work for someone, to pay the bills, and yet always be out of reach of your desires.

I have heard so many stories of people wishing they had pursued a dream they had to be an artist, to run their own business, to sell an innovative product they knew would help millions.

Yet, so many of them have to accept that it will just be a dream.

While there are many reasons as to why some people never end up accomplishing their dreams, there are, unfortunately, so many people who still never reach their dreams even after overcoming multiple challenges along the way.

Meditation allowed me to realize that my soul purpose was to awaken more souls spiritually, to help raise the vibration on a global scale, and to connect more beings to their true soul purpose.

If you need help meditating check out this amazing course from Live and Dare. It incorporates breathing techniques, 60-day email support and step by step guided meditation to lower stress, feel emotionally calm and feel empowered.

Every time I meditate I ask the Universe,

“show me what to do and where to go to receive the highest good now”.

This one command allows the universe to know that I am serious about my goals and my intentions and that I am ready to be shown the way.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you incorporate that command into your meditation, you will be shown the way as well!

There are so many signs from the Universe that you are on the right path or not and yet, so many people ignore them or brush them off as coincidences.


They are answers to the commands and prayers you made during your meditative or mindfulness practices.

Read here about the top signs from the universe.

Meditate on what your true soul purpose is, and the answer will come to you. You will receive guidance in every possible way once you understand your purpose.

For anyone who is curious about meditation, but doesn’t know where to start, I have just the starting point for you!

Check out my post here about for the easiest way to incorporate meditation into your day.

Grateful for today,

EMs Path

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