The 5 Unknown Benefits of Meditation on Mind, Body & Soul.

Meditation is a practice that I have incorporated into my life over the past year; and throughout the year, I have grown more emotionally, personally, and spiritually than I could have expected.

Everything is Energy.

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Growing up I always heard people mention meditation, but it always came across as a “woohoo practice” and the mental image of people sitting cross-legged while humming a weird sound came to my mind.

Meditation was always accompanied by the idea that it was a practice for hippies or those who don’t fit into the “typical” stereotype of western society.

To be honest, once I began practicing meditation, I realized


The only thing that changed was my perspective around meditation and discovering all the AMAZING benefits that it does for you.

The reason why I started meditation was to find a way to manage my stress and anxiety. I had been living with numerous autoimmune and gut issues, all stress related, and I was searching for a way to help reduce that stress.

What I found out is that not only did my gut issues begin to fade away, but other areas of my life began to transform as well.

The 5 Unknown Benefits of Meditation

1. Speak to Your Higher Self

This may not be the best way to convince you that mediation isn’t a “woohoo” practice, but it is one of my favourite reasons to mediate.

When I first started meditating, I could barely relax and calm my mind long enough to sit for more than 5 minutes. I was itching for the timer to go off, or the music to end so I could continue on with my day.

Then one day, about 8 minutes in, I heard a voice that seemed foreign, yet at the same time, all too familiar to me.

It was my own voice, but one from a frequency of love and light.

It spoke quietly, slowly, and through a version of me that wasn’t new, but of someone I wanted to become.

I clearly knew this voice wasn’t the Ego side of me, but a voice from my soul, or higher self coming through to me. It felt like a rebirth, an awakening of the dormant part of myself that society told me to keep quiet.

From then I was hooked, I had to continue to meditate, to engage in have longer conversations with my higher self and to discover where it would lead me.

2. Stay Younger From Meditation

Now in no way am I saying if you’re 50 you will be able to turn back time to when you were 25 years old, I think meditation would be a lot more popular if that was the case.

However, what I am here to tell you is that you can slow down the process of aging through meditation.