The 5 Things Every Spiritual Blog Needs to Succeed

Let’s be honest here, having a spiritual blog is hard work.

It is time-consuming, and forever tiring. Thinking of new topics to write about, editing, technical problems, and marketing.

Starting a spiritual blog is a little bit different than your typical blog.

You are writing to a VERY specific niche, and with that in mind, you need very specific features and tools to help you succeed.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means EMsPath may make a commission off of products purchased through these links. I only recommend products I’ve tried and loved myself, and in the highest and best way!*

Since the spiritual and mindfulness niche is growing at a fast pace, more and more blogs and businesses are coming out surrounding this topic.

For that reason, you need to make yourself stand out to the other blogs in order for others to WANT to read your content.

EVERY Spiritual Blog Needs in Order to Thrive!

1. Website

This seems pretty logical right. If you don’t have a website, you won’t have anywhere for your content and readers to go.

However, the one key thing for choosing a website is choosing the proper website building and hosting services.

There are many people out there who say that starting a blog is cheap, that you can find website builders and website hosting companies that allow you to have a free platform.


Why would you want to have someone else have control over your website, and have limited features and incompatible software?

One of the most important steps in choosing a website builder is to make sure you’re paying for it!

ALWAYS SELF-HOST your website!

There are a few top website building platforms that I would recommend.

This recommendation is based on my own use and reviews that others I know who have their own business use.


WordPress has two options for website builders. The free version ( or the paid version (

Now there are benefits to both routes when building a website, however, tried and true results show it is always the better option to choose the self-hosted platform.

Although it looks nice initially to not pay to build a website, when you wish to start using affiliate marketing to provide income, or partner with companies, some will shy away from those websites that are free.

Read here for more comparison between and

The benefit of WordPress is its compatibility with Bluehost Website Hosting Company!

I use Bluehost as my website hosting company and it’s honestly is my favourite.

What makes Bluehost so amazing?

Bluehost allows you to start your blog or website for $5.22/month or less, with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied (if that’s even possible!)

Their technical support services and SEO ranking/ statistics allow you to grow your business and blog with grace!

This is my top pick for choosing where to set up your website for your spiritual business/blog.


Wix has recently been named the top website builder in 2019.

I believe it is for its versatility and user-friendly features.

You don’t have to spend hours learning about HTML and coding, with its drag and drop features it’s never been easier to set up your spiritual blog/website.

“You can create a free and professional website all on your own. With Wix, you can start with a stunning template and customize it, or get a personalized website made just for you. When you choose Wix, you don’t just get a drag and drop website builder. You get the whole package. Free reliable web hosting, top security, the best SEO and a dedicated support team to help you along the way.” – Wix Website


When first deciding where to build my website, it was a toss-up between Bluehost/Wordpress, or Squarespace.

Squarespace is the modern WordPress, and because of their drag and drop templates, there’s a great sense of versatility and ease with building a website with Squarespace.

I think one of Squarespace’s best features is their shopping abilities.

If you are interested in selling spiritual items, such as crystals or sage, then having Squarespace may help with your one-stop-shop!

2. Content

This is probably just as important is not more important than choosing which website builder and hosting company to launch your spiritual blog/business.

This is because, without content, you just have a fancy website for no real reason.

If you’re focusing on a spiritual blog, it is best to categorize your content into sections you choose to write about.

Since the spiritual and mindfulness genre is HUGE, narrow down what you wish to focus on.

This is your specific niche!

Take for example my brand/blog EMs Path: a business/brand focused on meditation, energy healing, and self-awareness.

This allows users to know what knowledge they will receive from my brand and what they expect my content to be about.

Before launching your spiritual blog/business, I would either have at least 20 blog posts written, or all pages and platforms filled with content about your business.

This allows you to look professional and allows your audience to see the value in your content.

One of my favourite plugins to use when writing content is Grammarly!

I have by far had the most use out of this plugin since I purchased it about 6 months ago.

Better than your typical spellcheck, Grammarly helps you structure your sentences so they flow and are easy for your readers to understand.

By far one of the most used plugins for my spiritual blog, and so simple to use.

What I love about Grammarly is that once installed on your device, it can be used for everything.

Emails, Word documents, and most importantly, your website content!

Check out Grammarly today, I highly recommend it if you want a professional feel to your spiritual blog/business.

3. Social Media Platforms

Now, where you decide to share your content is very important to your growth!

There are numerous social media platforms out there, and it can seem daunting to think that you have to post to each one in order to get the traffic you want to your website.

Here is the rule of thumb I discovered through trial and error.


Pick your top favourite 2 or 3 platforms that you wish to market and promote your spiritual business/blog on.

Still confused about which ones to pick.

Well, where do YOU go for all of your information?






For my business, I focus on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook (because I’ve synced up my Instagram and Facebook so it automatically gets published!)

Need help figuring out the ins and outs of Instagram for your spiritual business, read my blog post on Instagram for Beginners

By sticking to just 1 or 2 platforms you can create quality, not quantity.

In addition, you won’t finish the week off wanting to pull your hair out from the stress of having to CONSISTENTLY post to each platform!

Speaking of posting consistently, this brings me to the next MUST HAVE for your spiritual business/blog!

4. Automation

I always believe you should work smarter, not harder.

For a blog especially, there is always a LOT on the go!

From editing, to pin design, to publishing and marketing.

The beauty about automation is that it saves hundreds, and I truly do mean HUNDREDS of hours a month of pinning and publishing.

There are a few things you need automation for:

  1. Blog posting

  2. Instagram posting

  3. Pinterest posting

  4. Newsletters and Emails

Blog Posting

I won’t spend too much time on blog posting, but every platform you purchase should have the features of being able to publish a post at a future date.

The benefit of having automated post publishing is that you don’t have to be on your computer every day publishing your latest post.

You can write your 10 or so blog posts and have them scheduled to be published for the next couple of months!

Talk about a time saver!

Instagram Posting

Now if you don’t have an Instagram automation service, you need to get one… like yesterday!

When I first started EMs Path I would go day by day and post what I felt like, taking the time to write the captions, add the 30 hashtags individually and then filter the pictures.

30 minutes later I’ve posted and I’m exhausted.

When I discovered Plann my whole Instagram game changed!

The beauty of Plann is its wide variety of features and services.

  1. I have my 10-20 lists of categorized hashtags so all I have to do is copy and paste the selected hashtags to my post.

  2. I can see the schedule of my posts to see if it looks aesthetically appealing to the eye.

  3. I can write my captions ahead of time (I usually do the full month of captions) and have a timer go off when it’s the optimal time to post

  4. I can check performance on posts to see which are doing better in order to post more similar to that (this will help in the future when you’re either selling your own products or others)

If you haven’t checked out Plann, I HIGHLY recommend it!

I have tried other Instagram automation platforms and this by far has exceeded the rest!

Pinterest Posting

One word… TAILWIND!

OKAY, this is my favourite areas of building your beautiful spiritual website that I could rant about for ages.

If you haven’t heard of tailwind, then you’ve been missing out!

Even if you’ve had a blog or spiritual website for a while and you’re just reading this as a “refresher” or checking to see if you’ve missed any step that could explain why you aren’t more successful… it would be Tailwind!

If you have a spiritual blog, you NEED to have one of your social media platforms be Pinterest!

This is because it’s like the Google of Blogging.

It is a search engine, and everything you do there NEEDS to be with a purpose.

From your Pinterest name to the board and pin descriptions, to the hashtags and keywords.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post about Pinterest 101!

One of the downsides of Pinterest is that you need to be pinning CONSISTENTLY!

With their new analytics, they want to make sure you are an active member contributing to relevant and useful content.

This means they want you pinning at least 100 times a day…

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t feel like pinning 100 times a day… for the rest of my life!

However, if you want to have your content get in front of more people, it must be done.

This is where the fabulous Tailwind comes in.

Tailwind is a Pinterest, and now Instagram automation and scheduling service.

It’s pretty simple.

Sign up for the free, or paid (highly recommend for MANY reasons) Tailwind service, and when you’re pinning on Pinterest you will have the ability to set a specific pin to be pinned at a specific time of day.

I usually spend an hour every week scheduling pins, that now I have pins constantly coming out for the next 3 months!

Not only that, Tailwind allows you to connect with other bloggers and create Tailwind Tribes.

This is similar to Facebook groups, in which you are able to save and share others pins and your own to these group boards.

This allows your content to reach thousands of more followers than just pinning manually.

Tailwind has recently added in a feature called Smartloop, which allows you to have selected pins (mostly yours) be repinned to certain boards continuously. It loops your selected pins to make sure your content isn't forgotten.

I can not rant enough about Tailwind.

The paid version is $15 a month, and it is the best $15 dollars you can spend when wanting to grow your blog/business!

Newsletters and Emails

Creating a following through your newsletters is extremely important to the success of your spiritual blog/business.

There are many email platforms to choose from.

I personally use MailChimp, and one of the reasons why I love this email service is because until you reach 1,000 subscribers, it's free!

This means you can build up your blog/ business until you're making enough money to feel good about paying for mail service.

Another feature of MailChimp is its ability to create landing pages and pop-ups for your website.

This allows you to have people sign up to your amazing spiritual newsletter with ease.

Just make sure you know what you're offering your readers through your newsletters.

Spend time deciding what you will provide your readers to keep more coming!

If you're interested in meditation and self-awareness/love tips as well as the best products for your spiritual journey, you can sign up for EMs Path newsletter!

Support a spiritual gal out!

There are also some platforms like:

Constant Contact



5. Monetary Interest

Now a lot of people wonder how bloggers make money online.

There are a few ways to make monetary compensation that I love to implement into my spiritual blog:

  1. collaborating with brands/other businesses

  2. ads

  3. sell your own products

  4. affiliate marketing

Collaborating with Other Brands/Businesses

Again, another reason why it is so important to have a self-hosted website is when working with other brands/businesses, they won't always work with you if your website is free!

The best way to work with other brands/business is to reach out to them.

Start writing reviews about their products, and even email them asking if they have a partnership program you could join.


Ads, when used with a purpose, can be incredibly helpful in monetizing your blog/business.

Not oversaturating your website or putting up ads not relevant to your brand is important when using this route of income.

Some of the most common ads are through

Google Adsense


Personal Companies

Selling Your Own Products

If you are a spiritual business with the main goal of selling your ingenious idea, then GO ALL IN!

Focus on targeting the social media accounts you've decided to focus on, generate click funnels and traffic to your website!

This technique sometimes takes longer because it relies on word of mouth for the first little while, until more people know about your product or service.

However, it is super rewarding to know that thousands of people love your spiritual product or service.

Affiliate Marketing

This is by far my favourite way to generate income from your spiritual blog/business.

Affiliate marketing is, in simplest terms, selling other businesses products that you support/ use.

Read How to Make Your First $1000 Through Affiliate Marketing

This is also the most important rule for affiliate marketing.


If I had a business/ blog around cruelty against animals, and I wrote a lot about the products to use that weren't tested on animals, it would be pretty dumb to then post an affiliate link on a shampoo that was tested on animals.

Your specific niche/ readers won't buy that product, and may even stop visiting your website altogether because your credibility is tarnished.

This is why it is so important to know your audience and ONLY promote products you have used or confidently recommend as useful to YOUR audience.

Some of the first places to start out with when beginning to explore affiliate marketing is Shareasale.

Shareasale is a merchant database, almost like the third party between merchants and affiliates.

There are hundreds of businesses and companies partnered with Shareasale, for all genres.

This is one of the best places to find spiritual products you can share with your readers!

If you need more help with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend this course by a woman who makes over $50,000/month through affiliate marketing.

Michelle has broken down the steps to succeeding and I guarantee you'll start making money once you're completed the course!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing (affiliate link ;))

Let me know how it goes setting up your spiritual blog/business.

If you need any helo, I am always willing to help another beautiful soul out!

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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