The 5 Books You Need to Read For Spiritual Enlightenment!

Books are an amazing tool to utilize during spiritual awakening.

During spiritual awakening, everything you thought you knew about your life becomes unknown.

Some people search for more meaning in life, others isolate themselves and the world they once knew.

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No matter what stage you’re at on this spiritual journey, these 5 books will help guide you and awaken your senses to discover a whole new world that is ready and waiting for you.

1. The Power of NOW! by Eckhart Tolle

This book helped me through a time where anxiety was getting the best of me.

Learn how Overthinking Limits Your Spiritual Growth.

When you feel disconnected from yourself this book helps bring you back into reality.

Letting go of your false self, your Ego and the stigmas that others have placed upon you.

This straightforward conversation in the form of storytelling makes it easy to read and has all your questions answered.

2. The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

This book is life changing! The question of “who are you really?” is the foundation of this whole book!

It helps you challenge your thought process and live in the moment.

It teaches you how to “let things go” in order to find liberation and freedom from your relationship with limiting beliefs.

Find out just what limiting beliefs are holding you back through Theta Healing!

3. Resilient by Rick Hanson

This book is best to read month by month, as each section requires some practice in order to become resilient.

But that is one of the reasons why I love this book so much.

It doesn’t just TELL you how to grow soulfully and become resilient in your life, it also allows you to DO IT!

Discover How Your Life Can Change in 5 Seconds!

There is no better practice that actionable ones. This book allows a better, and more practical, understanding of what it takes to become resilient in your life.

4. Money, and the Law of Attraction by Ester Hicks, Jerry Hicks

If you ever needed a guardian angel to guide you through life, ESTER AND JERRY HICKS WOULD BE THOSE GUIDES!

This book is so uplifting and powerful, and life changing!

Read more about Spirit Guides and Angels here!

This book breaks down into the concept of

  1. shifting your mindset

  2. the conscious ability to shape

It allows you to see that you are in control of the life you want.

To be able to manifest money, health, relationships so simply, this book is an amazing tool for your journey to enlightenment.

Struggling to Manifest? Maybe you’re doing the ONE Thing Holding You Back.

The ability to realize your own strength and manifest the life you want opens whole new doors into your understanding of the world and your part in it.

Need help to manifest, check out my Mantra/ Affirmation Guidebook and speed up the Law of Attraction!

5. The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Now, this is a wake-up call!

No, literally!

One of the major exercises and the reason for the existence of this book is the practice of getting up 30 mins earlier every day to practice the 5-Second Rule.

The ability for your mind to control your life, your mistakes, your failures, your inner dis-ease is extremely frightening.

Check out Theta Healing to release yourself from these beliefs that are causing you dis-ease.

To understand that you have the power to control how you start your day, how you live through intuition, and how you become liberated is the basis of this mind-blowing book!

The simple act of counting down from 5 has a massive impact on how your life is!

These books are some of my top reads for your journey to enlightenment.

If you didn’t notice a pattern, each book is centered around the ability to control your own mind.

We are always told that we can’t control our mind, because our mind is what is doing the thinking of our mind.

However, You can!

And that is the most exciting part!

Read here to find out if you’re living through your Soul or Ego Mind.

You are able to control how You live each day, how you form your life, and how you live in your physical bodies!

You have the power to manifest your heart’s desire and truly live through your soul purpose!

These books help awaken your soul, kick-start your journey, and help you on your path to spiritual enlightenment!

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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