The 3 Things You Need to Do Once Your Crystal Breaks!

So your crystal breaks!

Your heart was broken as you watched the pieces scatter all over the floor.

You were left confused and concerned as to how this could happen.

The crystal that was kept by your side for so long is now missing or broken.

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Don’t fret, this isn’t a bad thing.

Losing or breaking a crystal is actually a really good sign!

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However, because this is now a time to remove that energy that no longer serves you, it is important to do a series of steps in order to fully remove that energy from your auric, physical and emotional field.

What to do when your crystal breaks or is lost!

Step 1.


Journaling about losing/breaking your crystal is an important part of your spiritual development.

There is always a reason for why a crystal is no longer needed your life.

Whether it is a sign to release negative energy or a sign that it’s time to level up and grow spiritually, losing/breaking a crystal always has some significance.

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By recording your life events, your mental health at the time, and inner self-talk, you can discover what your limiting belief was or any negative influence that may be present in your life.

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Step 2.

Take a Cleansing Shower

Now, this isn’t like a typical shower.

This shower is serving a special purpose, and for that reason, it requires additional materials.

Water has powerful healing and cleansing properties, which is why some crystals can actually be cleansed monthly with fresh running water.

The same properties work on your physical and energetic field.

Taking a cleansing shower

1. Sea Salt: Grab a bucket and fill it with at least a cup of sea salt and warm water. Pour that over your body from your neck down.