The 3 Things You Need to Do Once Your Crystal Breaks!

So your crystal breaks!

Your heart was broken as you watched the pieces scatter all over the floor.

You were left confused and concerned as to how this could happen.

The crystal that was kept by your side for so long is now missing or broken.

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Don’t fret, this isn’t a bad thing.

Losing or breaking a crystal is actually a really good sign!

Read here about what it means when you lose or break a crystal!

However, because this is now a time to remove that energy that no longer serves you, it is important to do a series of steps in order to fully remove that energy from your auric, physical and emotional field.

What to do when your crystal breaks or is lost!

Step 1.


Journaling about losing/breaking your crystal is an important part of your spiritual development.

There is always a reason for why a crystal is no longer needed your life.

Whether it is a sign to release negative energy or a sign that it’s time to level up and grow spiritually, losing/breaking a crystal always has some significance.

Read here about the 5 Superpowers of Journaling.

By recording your life events, your mental health at the time, and inner self-talk, you can discover what your limiting belief was or any negative influence that may be present in your life.

Read more about the ways to remove limiting beliefs.


Step 2.

Take a Cleansing Shower

Now, this isn’t like a typical shower.

This shower is serving a special purpose, and for that reason, it requires additional materials.

Water has powerful healing and cleansing properties, which is why some crystals can actually be cleansed monthly with fresh running water.

The same properties work on your physical and energetic field.

Taking a cleansing shower

1. Sea Salt: Grab a bucket and fill it with at least a cup of sea salt and warm water. Pour that over your body from your neck down.

2. Deep Breathing: As you’re pouring the sea salt over your body, take 3 deep breaths in and out, visualizing the toxic and negative energy being washed away.

3. Follow this with a normal meditation shower.


Step 3

Cleanse Your Space

The energy that was no longer needed for you could still be in your environment, so it is important to cleanse your space.

This may include your house, workplace, or even car.

The most effective and efficient way to cleanse your space is with sage!

By wafting in a clockwise motion around each room or space, repeat the phrase

I release the energy that no longer serves me”

This will cleanse the space so the new, positive energy can be welcomed into your life.

Extra Tip:

Let go of your limiting beliefs.

If after you complete your journaling, you realize that you have a limiting belief that is no longer needed, it is your soul’s way of letting you know you are ready to release it.

This is where Theta healing comes in handy.

By accessing your subconscious mind, Theta Healing can remove those beliefs that caused the disturbance or breaking of your crystal.

When my chakra bracelet broke, it was because I realized that I didn’t know how the self-worth and self-value that I had longed for.

I had been participating in negative self-talk and my bracelet breaking was a sign that it was time to release that negative feeling and let go of those limiting beliefs that I wasn’t worth it.

After one session I changed both physically, emotionally and energetically.

No more IBS, no more negative self-talk, and I attracted my soul tribe(friends) into my life.

Click here to learn more about Theta Healing.

When your crystal breaks it is important to realize that it is happening for a reason.

There are no coincidences or accidents, just divine timing, and intervention.

It is your job to take these interventions and use them to grow personally and spiritually.

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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