Symbol of Love | How to Manifest Faster Through Love

Do you have a symbol of love? A sign that automatically brings you into the state of euphoria?

The Law of Attraction is always working. 

Every waking hour of the day, you are either using the Law of Attraction to bring into your life what you want, or what you are trying to avoid.

The thoughts, actions, and words you consciously use are shaping how the law of attraction will manipulate life events to either work in your favour or against it. 

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Ultimately, when harnessing the Law of Attraction you want to be in the state of LOVE.

When thinking about energy, Love vibrates at the highest frequency.

Therefore, making it the most powerful tool at your disposal to assist in creating the life you want.

So many of us live in a state of desperation, fear, anxiety, and stress. 

These emotions vibrate at a low frequency and unfortunately by being in this state you are still using the Law of Attraction and are bringing in more events of similar emotions. 

When you live in the state of love and gratitude, you are harnessing the Law of Attraction to bring into your life circumstances, people and objects that you are trying to manifest.

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Imagine you want a new car.

Are you having thoughts about the lack of the car, the state of your car right now, and the stress it is causing you by not being able to have the car due to financial restraints?

These thoughts are transferring into emotions of desperation, fear, frustration and stress.

This in turn attracts those circumstances and events that are vibrating at the same frequency.

When you tune into the state of love you are sending out the feelings of Love, gratitude, excitement, and joy.

Pick a symbol of love for:

  1. the car you love

  2. the car you KNOW is coming to you

  3. and all the money you have now which allows you to purchase the car you want