Spiritual Awakening: The Hardest Obstacle to Overcome

Spiritual Awakening is an experience everyone goes through at some point in their life.

You are all waking up from this sleep that is your reality.

You are starting to realize there is more to life than just this existence.

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You realize that there are other life forms, that there is greater energy that surrounds us, and a higher consciousness that guides us.

Those who are going through spiritual awakening may feel liberated and empowered. They can feel a sense of enlightenment that comes with realizing the truth of this world.

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Spiritual awakening can include:

  1. heightened psychic abilities

  2. deep healing within yourself

  3. letting go of certain beliefs that once held you back

  4. strong compassion for all humankind

  5. shedding of ego

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However, spiritual awakening also includes:

  1. deep and intense emotions

  2. confusion on beliefs

  3. irrational, unexpected and conflicting behaviors

  4. a drastic change in thought patterns

  5. removal of that which you once loved

  6. loss of identity

You will no longer seek the approval of others, and you will work to let go of the ego that once controlled your life.

You will feel love and gratitude for others and everything you have in your life, and you soon you won’t be bothered with wasting your time with gossip and negativity.

Unfortunately, because of this, the people you once surrounded yourself with may no longer be serving you for the highest good.

One of the greatest ways to get through this part of spiritual awakening is through meditation!

Meditation, even if you’re a beginner, can shed some light on your purpose here, the lessons you need to learn, and how to get through shedding your ego with grace!

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The Hardest Part of Spiritual Awakening: