Soul or Ego Mind: Which One Are You Living Through?

Your Soul or Ego mind? Which one are you being controlled by?

Which is deciding your fate?

We all have a brain, our control center, which dictates our whole body. 

From our parasympathetic nervous system to our decision to cross the road when cars are coming, to typing out this blog post.

Your brain does so much for you, but your mind, on the other hand, can be the death of you.

We are all run by 1 brain and 2 minds.

Our Ego and our Soul.

Our Ego mind controls:

  1. Fear for us

  2. Our fight or flight response

  3. Anxiety

  4. Stress

  5. Comfort levels

  6. Our personal growth pace

  7. Hindrance of expression

  8. Self confidence

  9. Lack of fulfillment in life

Our Soul mind controls:

  1. Curiosity

  2. Spiritual awakening

  3. Compassion

  4. Love for others and ourselves

  5. Psychic abilities

  6. Fulfilling our dreams

  7. Living through our soul purpose

  8. Mindfulness practices

  9. Fulfillment

  10. Self-confidence

When we begin our spiritual awakening journey, we are letting go of the ego mind, and beginning to live through the soul mind.

When we live through our ego mind, we are disconnected with our soul. We may feel uneasy, unsafe, confused, and anxious.

Check out The 6 Ways To Know You’re Being Called to Spiritually Awaken.

Take, for example, you’re traveling home, and you are faced with traffic, delays, a packed bus, rude people, and a massive headache. 

You begin to feel angry, upset, irritated, and miserable. 

Your chest starts to tighten, your breathing becomes shallow, and your heart rate quickens by the thought of this everything going on around you.

This is an example of your ego mind coming through!

Your ego is what’s trying to keep you out of the unknown, out of what your CAN’T control.

Have you ever had to make a big speech, or play in a big sporting game that made you so nervous you wanted to give up? 

You wanted to run and hide.

Your hands became sweating just thinking about it, and you were up all night pondering how it could go wrong?

This is your ego mind!

It was placed there and programmed from childhood, to keep you controlled and in your little bubble of safety. 

However, it is also preventing you from being able to succeed in life! 

What if you called in sick for the big game, when you may have been scouted and sponsored after by a coach who watched you play!

What if your big speech landed you your dream job and you were set for life!

Your ego mind is what is keeping you from living our best life.

It is what is keeping you in this illusion of life. 

What is preventing you from manifesting what you wish, from letting go of suffering, and from embracing your true happiness?

Check out my post about 3 Ways Self-Compassion Ends Suffering to understand just how to stop it!

This is when you need to embrace your Soul Mind!

Your soul mind is what comes through as your intuition.

That feeling in the pit of your stomach that you should do something, that push you need.

I have witnessed this many times during a healing process

A person will approach me with an issue they know they want to work on, a way to reach their soul, however, call in sick the day of the appointment because their ego isn’t ready to let go.

During the spiritual awakening process, the shedding of your ego self is like shedding a layer of yourself that you’re so used to!

Check out my link here about the process of shedding your ego self!

In order to know when you’re living through your soul or ego self, ask yourself theses 5 questions:

1. Is there a legitimate fear here, or is it created in my mind?

2. What is the worst that will happen if I do this? Can I live with that outcome?

3. Ask yourself what if? And continue until you find the REAL reason why you’re resisting such action.

4. What is the best thing that can happen? Can I live with never reaching that outcome?

5. Who are I afraid to let down?

Do some journaling on these when an issue comes up and you feel resistance. 

If there is a legitimate fear, and you can live with the outcome of the worst possible experience or are you unable to live without knowing how great the outcome could be, this is your SOUL MIND speaking to you!

If you’re afraid of letting yourself down, and your deep reason for avoiding such action has anything to do with self esteem, worthiness, regret, fear or loneliness, than this is your EGO MIND speaking to you, and should be ignored!

Your ego mind and soul mind play VERY different parts in your brain.

Only once your practice living through your soul mind, can you let go of the ego, and embrace your spiritual journey.

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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