Self-Care: Must Know Practices For the Holidays

Self-care is extremely important for mental, emotional and physical harmony.

However, during the holidays, no matter what is being celebrated, can bring up a lot of stress and anxiety.

From family, friends, and work gatherings, endless shopping for a long list of people, and baking/ cooking for events and special occasions, the holidays can be anything but peaceful.

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The pressure of getting the right gift, not gaining all that dreaded holiday weight, being jolly, upbeat, and festive, can leave your self-care routine to the wayside.

Many people find the holidays stressful because they neglect their own self-care in favour of what they THINK is a greater priority.

I’m here to tell you that NOTHING is more important than self-care; not even the stocking stuffers or Christmas movie marathons.

To help you out that little bit more, here is the Ultimate Christmas Gift List for all your Spiritual Besties!


One important thing to remember about self-care is that it’s not a day for pampering.

That isn’t self-care, that is an escape.

When I hear people tell me they had a self-care day, they then proceed to list off what they did that day.

  1. Bubble bath

  2. Manicure

  3. Shopping

  4. Reading

  5. Skipping work

This isn’t self-care.

The reason why you need a “self-care’ day, is because things are overwhelming.

This can be caused by

  1. overthinking

  2. avoiding people/events

  3. fights

  4. relationship issues

  5. health issues

  6. unresolved issues

That last one is most important.

A self-care day feels necessary because you are overwhelmed with some unresolved issues.

The ONE question you should be asking yourself at the end of a self-care day is

“Is the issue that caused this overwhelming feeling resolved?”

If the answer is no, then you didn’t take a self-care day, you took an escape day!


5 Self-Care Acts To Heal


My go-to method of self-care is meditation!

If you’ve never meditated before, check out How to Meditate for Beginners.

The reason why meditation is so powerful for self-care is that it gives you the time you need to connect with your mind and body.

Mediation also allows you to interpret your thoughts, and to seek the guidance that you need in order to resolve those issues that were overwhelming.

When there is an endless list of things running through your head, especially around the holidays, it can seem like there is no room in your brain to even think about breathing.

Meditation can slow down your thoughts and allow you to escape the outer world, even for a blissful 10 minutes. 

Even if you’re truly busy, there are always ways to add meditation into your day!

7 Ways to Meditate When You’re “Too Busy”!

This practice is best done on the daily, preferably in the morning before everything in your holiday seasoned day gets the best of you.

Not only will this avoid the emotional and mental breakdowns, but it will help you to ground your energy and feel calm throughout the day.

Check out this amazing Beginners Meditation Course, guaranteed to lower stress and create harmony in the body and mind.

This is a self-care practice that allows for resolution in what overwhelmed you in the first place.



Journaling is an amazing self-care practice because it allows you the ability to express yourself.

A majority of the time that overwhelming feeling can come from not talking about what’s troubling you.

By journaling about your feelings, thoughts, and reservations regarding an overwhelming/unresolved issue can allow you to physically see the solution.

Overthinking is a killer not only for spiritual growth but for personal happiness.

When you can write down your fears and desires, you’ll see that the issue isn’t as big as you thought it was, and can solve it quickly.

Read here for the 5 Superpowers of Journaling!

My personal favourite journal right now is the 5 Minute Journal.

This gives you no excuse for not having enough time for this important self-care practice!


Eat Healthy (Most of the Time)

This is a common, yet very important self-care practice often overlooked.

The 80-20 rule of eating should still be applied during the holiday season. 

Even though there are a lot more delicious festive treats to taste, when you try to keep your diet healthy, not only will you have a better outlook on your body, but your health will thank you.

Eating healthy keeps your mind sharp, your skin glowing, and your energy high!

You are what you eat, and I doubt we want to start the New Year feeling like a tribe of gingerbread men.

The food you eat has a direct influence on how your cells function.

When eating processed or “junk” food, you are feeding your mind and body “junk” energy, which in turn can cause you to feel sluggish, think negatively, and become overwhelmed.

Eating nutritious and energetic food allows for a proper flow of energy between your Chakras, resulting in harmonious energy running through your body and mind.

This self-care practice should be implemented every day, not just around the holidays!


Lots of Sleep

Sleep is where you grow!

It is a time where your consciousness stops, where everything is able to regenerate, including your mind. 

When we lack sleep; which usually happens when we have endless holiday parties to go to; we begin to feel irritated, agitated, stressed, and depressed.

Sounds a lot of a certain Grinch we all know and love, and looked how well that turned out!

Get your quality sleep, and keep your energy and mood high during the holiday season!

Acts of Random Kindness

This technique not only affects your energy during the holiday but also numerous others around you!

By performing acts of random kindness, especially during the holiday season, you can spread Christmas cheer and raise the energetic vibration of those you help.

As nice as this sounds, there is also deeper reasoning for this self-care practice.

When you give out happiness and love, you are sending out the frequency of love and gratitude.

This, in turn, brings more of that into your life!

Without even realizing it, the one small act of random kindness influencing your energy just as much as it does another.

Read here about the Easiest Way to Bring Yourself Into the State of Love.

The other reason why this self-care practice is amazing during the holiday season is that you are consciously creating happiness.

It’s not physically possible to feel sad/anxious at the same time as happy/grateful!

So when you’re participating in this self-care practice, you’re raising your vibration and in turn decreasing overthinking of the unresolved issue.

You will find clarity and peace of mind through this practice, at the same time as brightening others’ day too.

My favourite little acts of random kindness include:

  1. holding the door open for others

  2. buying someone coffee

  3. buying a meal for someone experiencing homelessness

  4. giving a small gift to someone for no reason

  5. complimenting everyone you speak to for that day

  6. a smile to a stranger

  7. hand out kisses like it candy (Hershey kisses! Come on people, I wouldn’t encourage you to spread germs)

These small acts of random kindness also give you a feeling of gratitude and love, which is really what Christmas is all about anyway!


Silent Time

This self-care practice is extremely important. 

During the holiday season, many events come up that require you to be around others. 

Unfortunately, due to this, you may be picking up on others’ energy that is less positive. 

When you pick up on others’ energy, especially if you are an empath, it can drain your energy.

Check out the following posts if you’re an empath!

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One of the best ways to protect your energy is through crystals!

Certain crystals vibrate at a frequency that allows energetic protection.

Shungite, Black Tourmaline and Obsidian are amazing crystals to help remove unwanted energy from your home, materialistic items, and your spirit.

Energy Clearing Crystal Kit

Energy Muse: Shungite Phone EMF Block

Make sure you carve out some time to be alone and in silence.

One of the biggest reasons for feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed is the avoidance of thought.

There is so much in our world for us to use as a tool for avoidance.

Phones, TVs, Video Games, Social Media are all tools used to mindLESSly engage in an activity.

However, all this mindLESS activity is craved because the ideas of being with your thoughts are scarier!

Without giving yourself the time to be with your thoughts, you can never find a solution or truly determine the problem.

Find out if you’re Thinking Through your Ego or Soul Mind!

This self-care practice is so powerful.

Sit in silence for 10-20 minutes!

No TV, music, or talking.

Just observe.

Observe your surroundings, your breathing, and most importantly, your thoughts!

This will give you the space you need to resolve any unresolved issues, and is an amazing self-care practice that can be incorporated into your daily routine!

During this quiet time, it is also beneficial to Ask ONE Specific Question To Yourself!


I hope these self-care tips help you to have the best and most stress-free, loving holiday.

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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