Seeing Feathers Everywhere

After the lunar eclipse and full moon, things have shifts.  Energy has been shifting for the past couple of years, but recently experiences and occurrences have become more and more “coincidences”.

There are so such things as “coincidences”.  Your world reflects your mindset and the universes purpose for you.  We each have a specific path we are on that is bringing us closer to our higher purpose, and the universe speaks to you in “coincidences” in order to guide you either back to that path or to assure you to continue on it.

The universe has many ways in which it speaks to you,but one of my favourites is through feathers.

Now yes, there are times when, those poor birds get injured or killed, and there are a great deal of feathers present.  However, there are also those times, when for no reason, out of the corner of you eye, you see a tiny little feather.

These are NOT “coincidences” or normal objects to see, these are signs from your angels and the universe to listen to yourself and know that you are protected.

Each type of feather you see is also a sign for different meanings, and once you become aware of the fact that these are signs, you will notice that the feathers show up to you AT THAT SPECIFIC TIME in which you need them!

Now which feathers mean what?

Well just keep reading to find out!

Meaning of Feathers:

White Feathers:

The universe and your angels are with you, they are protecting you, and guiding you.  This feather is a sign of reassurance that everything is going to be OK and you are not in it alone.

Black Feathers:

These are most seen during spiritual awakenings.  The size of the feather can also show how deep you’re becoming in this spiritual awakening.  It is a sign to show that you are protected during this precious and amazing time.

Grey feathers:

These feathers are a sign that peace and calmness is coming to you.  You may notice these feathers appearing more than normal during stressful, anxious or hectic times, and is a reminder that everything will calm down soon and you will have ease.

Black and White Feathers:

This is my favourite feather to see, and it is a sign that change is coming.  As a huge lover of change, this feather is a sign from the universe that amazing changes are coming.  Changes that you NEED to go through in order to grow and stay on path to your higher purpose

Blue Feathers:

These feathers are more rare to see, but when you do, you are truly lucky. Blue feathers are a sign that you are tuning into your psychic abilities, and harnesses the power of the universe and all its majestic energy.

Pink/Red Feathers:

The feathers of love! Love is coming, love is here, love is lasting! It could be meant as a sign for you to love another, love yourself or love that is coming!