Not Getting Results When Using the Law of Attraction?

Just like magic, manifesting while harnessing the Law of Attraction comes down to uncovering the little tricks of the trade.

Every day, all over the world, people are praying.

Whether for a new car, a soul mate, or a better life, people pray every day for something they believe is out of their reach.

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Growing up in a Catholic household, it was encouraged to pray or speak to God on a daily basis.

Keeping that constant communication open allows for prayers to be answered.

Even though this practice was something dreaded when I was younger because I just wanted to get to sleep without saying thanks, it has now sparked some interest in my new spiritual self.

Humans always strive for something more in life, without having access to the tools needed to reach them!

We are taught that 3 things are needed to manifest

  1. Good manners

  2. Good person

  3. A shooting star

Yet how many of you can honestly say that you’ve been able to manifest what you really want?

All over Instagram, people are preaching about the Law of Attraction.

They swear this process works and that with practice and the right set of tools, it can be just as easy for you too!

If you were anything like I was 2 years ago, you would be frustrated when realizing that it is not as easy as these influencers make it out to be.

So I did some research, and when I say some research I mean a lot of research on the Law of Attraction and the vibrational energy of each of us on this planet.

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The reason why it takes so long for the Law of Attraction to work for so many of us all comes down to one simple question this is holding all us back.

That question is HOW!

How is what I want to manifest going to show up?

I don’t know How is it possible for me to win that million dollars?

Could I possibly manifest that? How is that possible with where I am?

You have been raised to take control of your life and to break down your next move.

Even from an early age in school, you were taught how to make flow charts, time tables and to weight the pros and cons of all your decisions.

Subconsciously, we learned to never let things out of our control.

You have been raised to focus on the HOW!

From a young age, you haven’t been taught to analyze WHY you want something, WHAT you would do when you had it, WHERE you’d be or WHO you’d be with.

Instead, you are encouraged to focus on the HOW!

This is one of the biggest blockers to ones ability to manifest.

If you had a conversation with the Universe while focusing on the HOW, you are only allowing ONE possible avenue for what you wish to manifest to appear.

It would be equivalent to grocery shopping for a specialty item. You know other people have found that item in aisle 1, so you go there first.

If you didn’t find it, you wouldn’t just go home because it wasn’t in the aisle that others had success finding it in.