New Year, New You

For many, January is the time for New Years Resolutions, making goals, and transforming yourself.

These are all admirable ideas, yet little to none actually is completed.


Why is it, that so many people don’t follow through with their goals, and how can you make smarter goals in 2019 so you see a difference in your life!

When you make goals for yourself, usually it revolves around a surface level problem that has been bothering you for some time.

This could include:

  1. weight loss goals

  2. confidence boosters

  3. job changes

  4. money-making hacks

When you make New Years Resolutions, your goals are to change a part of your life which is less than ideal based on your standards.

Your start off January full of motivation and inspiration to start a new! New diet, New job search, New attitude, New you.

The Gyms are packed with newbies, the health foods stores sell out of detox products and the latest fad foods, and the attitude of everyone is at its peak!

Yet by March or April, everything changes.

Life happens, obligations take the place of the healthy diet, priorities shift from fitness to social events.  By November you can’t even remember what your New Years Resolutions were, but you promise you will start and complete your goals for the following year!

So really, how DO you make a smarter New Years Resolution, and KEEP it?

By NOT making one!

When you make a goal, you do everything in your power to follow through!

For the most part, I am all for goals!

I have a whole post about the importance of making monthly goals for yourself, you can check it out here!

These are MONTHLY goals though!

These are goals that can be tracked every day, for 30 days, and to have a clear deadline on the horizon, and know that it is easily achievable.  When you create YEARLY goals, the finish line looks about 365 days away.  That can be VERY deterring.

You are able to make excuses about eating that extra slice of cake, for skipping your third workout that week, for stopping the new job search, and for opting for watching TV instead of reading another book you promised yourself you’d read.<