Money Manifestation

So how did I pay off my student debt in a year?


Everyone will start reading this thinking that I left school and accepted an amazing full-time entry position job, with benefits, great pay, and weeks on end of vacation time!

Well let me tell you… you’re very, very wrong.

I went to University for 5 years, came out of school unsure of the path I longed to pursue and the purpose I had in life!

I felt lost, confused, and frustrated with the lack of success I was receiving while my friends around me seemed to have everything figured out!

When I first left school in April 2017, I told myself, my family and even strangers, that I would have it paid off in a year! I wanted to be free from debt as soon as I could to release myself from the nagging pain of being tied down to owing money.

I was working 14 to 16 hour days as a personal trainer, slowly paying off the minimum amount per month towards my OSAP, and looking with closed eyes for the light at the end of the tunnel when I could proclaim that I was debt free.

This pattern went on for 5 months, with only decreasing my student debt by 6 thousand. With every click of the transfer funds button, I would feel a slight bit of relief, and yet a stinging pain of dread as I knew I had so much farther to go before I was free.

This all changed the moment I decided to change my mindset on the situation!

I tuned into my intuition, grounded myself, and started being grateful for the money that I did have and the ability to pay off as much as I had.

Many of us have this perception of money as the root of all evil, that the rich get richer and the poor become poorer.  These and many other similar statements come from a place of desperation, frustration, and fear of never having enough!

The number of times I would tell myself or others that I was broke, I couldn’t afford that, I would NEVER be able to buy a house because it’s too expensive to live in Toronto.  These and other thoughts bring on the idea and mindset that if you have money you have to struggle, but when you don’t have money you also struggle, so money is evil, can be no good, and makes you a bad person.

Once my mindset around money changed, and the words I spoke and thoughts I had begun to shift to grateful and plentiful, money started coming to me in more and more ways that I could have ever expected.

I began by creating a mantra for myself regarding money, and I continued to say it and think it every day!

One of my few money affirmations goes like this

“Money comes to me easily and frequently from multiple sources, in large abundances for my disposal NOW!”