Meditation for Beginners: 4 Effective Ways to Start Meditating

Meditation for beginners isn’t as challenging a task as it may seem.

A lot of people believe meditation is the act of sitting down, crossing your legs, and repeating “ommm” for hours.

They consider it an act for yogis, Buddhists, or the lost.

Heck, when I first heard of meditation I didn’t understand the idea of sitting down, closing your eyes, and waiting.

But I promise you this, I WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

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There are some amazing benefits of meditation, and for those who say they don’t have the time or patience to sit there for hours, let me tell you I had the same mentality once too!

Read here about the 7 Effective Ways to Add Meditation Into Your Busy Day!

The ability to perform such tasks is challenging, but taking the time each day to try meditating is an accomplishment on its own!

Meditation comes in many forms, some taking 12 hours, others taking 2 minutes. It depends on the reason you wish to meditate and how much practice you’ve had.

Check out this amazing course for Meditation for Beginners!

This course helped me when I was frustrated by the mind chatter that kept me from peace during meditation!

I have been religiously meditating for 1 year now, and I am NOWHERE CLOSE to challenging my mind, and bladder, to last for 5 hours meditating like the instructor of this course is.

It was an extremely straining and mentally exhausting exercise when done right.

Yet nonetheless an eye-opening adventure into your deeper self.

For everyone who has ever been discouraged to meditate, DON’T BE!

It is quite an easy task and can be done just from where you’re reading this blog post right now.

However, if you’re in a bathroom stall, I wouldn’t suggest it, people will start having questions as to why you’re taking so long.

With that being said, I have been able to perform a quick meditation in a restaurant bathroom when I was in dire need of connecting with my higher self.

Through my time meditating I have discovered a few tried and true forms of meditation that have helped me in my life for particular purposes.

1. Breath Through the Heart

I have the exceptionally fortunate experience of being a participant in a program to discover my soul purpose.

Through this, my amazing mentor Jill taught me a technique which has allowed me to connect with my inner self, in less than a minute, anywhere I please.

Place one or both hands over your heart.

Take a deep full breath in and concentrate on inhaling through your heart.

Say any affirmation that you feel strongly about on the inhalation.

Check out my Affirmation/Mantra Workbook for powerful affirmations on love, health, abundance, confidence, and much more.

When exhaling, breath out through your heart silently calling out to your higher being or source.

It may be God, it may be yourself, for me, I say “Universe”.

I repeat this 5 times, each time falling deeper into the calling and the silence of everything around me until I feel a connection and calmness within myself.


2. Asking a Question

Now, this is pretty close to the assumed meditation stance.

While sitting crossed legged, focus all your energy on your breathing.

When I do this I start with #1 meditation, to first become connected with myself.

From there I ask a question, anything that may be bothering or upsetting me, or any question that I want reassurance too.

I performed this before ending my relationship with the love of my life in order to discover myself.

I sat there, repeating the question “what should I do, give me a clear-cut answer as to whether I am making the right choice, a CLEAR CUT ANSWER!”

CLEAR answer that your more conscious self CAN’T miss!

Another great way to ask a question to your higher self is through Tarot Cards. My favourite decks are listed below.

Ultimately, you need to pick a deck that calls to you!

Native Oracle Deck

The Good Tarot Deck

Chakra Oracle Deck

We often overlook any of the signals our unconscious mind tells us, and this is the time for it to show through.

It may not appear during meditation (however, if you’re lucky enough it does, it’s freaky but an amazing experience ).

It may happen later that day, later that week, or even a month later. But TELL your soul self to show you what to do, and it won’t let you down!


3. Youtube Meditation for Beginners

There is something so wonderful about the internet, an avenue for people to share their passions and point of view to the world… all at one click of a button.

Using YouTube for meditation does just that!

Before I was exposed to different forms of meditation for beginners I resorted to guided meditation via YoutTube to help me through the meditation process.

You can search ENDLESS types of meditation, from healing and morning meditation to 10 minutes and positive energy meditation.

There are numerous videos that I use daily, but are also experimenting with changing it up every day!

I challenge you to do the same!


4. Mindfulness Mediation

This one is a doozy because you can feel like you’re sitting for hours without any positive results.

However, this meditation is amazing for calming your thoughts and breaking them down to fully understand your conscious experiences.

Start the same as #1, breathing through your heart in order to center yourself, and from there just breath a tad bit deeper than normal.

Allow your thoughts to enter, and watch them come in without judgment.

Everything from thinking about the laundry you have to do later that day, to a boy you saw earlier, to your biggest fears and worries.

Let the feelings and thoughts enter, and disconnect with them, removing yourself from expectations and judgment surrounding them.

This is an amazing meditation if you have the time to spend doing it.

Spend a minimum of 10 minutes with this meditation for beginners, and watch your connection with you mind, body and soul strengthen.

If you need help even reaching 10 minutes of meditation, I HIGHLY recommend the Live&Dare Meditation for Beginners Course.

It gradually increases the meditation time, so you don’t feel frustrated and lost.

Read here for more details about My Experience With the Live&Dare Meditation Course!

If you’ve ever had a time where you know you’re upset but don’t know why,

TRUST ME, you do!

So let your inner self-express that to you through mindful meditation.

Now, this is in NOOO way a complete list of meditation types, there are many variations and lengths of time allotted for different meditation techniques.

However, these are MY tried and true versions that have provided the greatest success and inner connection with my soul self.

Let me know what’s your favourite form of meditation, I am always down to learn something new

Grateful for today,

EMs Path

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