Manifesting in the Theta State

Why haven't you been able to manifest?

Why is it that no matter how many tips and tricks you read about, you still haven't been able to create the reality you desire?

It's not rocket science... and yet you can use science to unlock the key to manifesting!

Your Regular Manifesting Routine

When you participate in any of the manifesting practices, exercises, or rituals, where are you?

What are you doing?

Chances are, you're in your room either scripting, meditating, visualizing, or saying affirmations.

Maybe, you're deeply interested in manifesting and you even perform spells in order to attract what you desire into your life.

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In no way are these practices not powerful...

They are just missing the crucial piece of the puzzle in order for the desire to become a reality.

Enter the Theta Brain wave State.


Theta Brain Wave State

You have 5 different brain wave states that you continuously flow in and out of throughout the day.

Let's break it down simply.

Beta: is the active brainwave state, usually experienced during physical activity, arguments, or even working.

Alpha: a more relaxed state experienced through reading, driving, or sitting in silence.

Theta: a hypnotic-like state most experienced through meditation, between the ages of 0-7, and upon entering and awakening from your sleep cycle.

Delta: slowest brainwave cycle, experienced during dreamless sleep

Gamma: the highest vibrational frequency and experienced when you're deeply focused on something.

Now what you truly want to focus on is the Theta-Gamma brainwave state.

Upon entering this brainwave state, you are combining the power of the hypnotic-like state and the power to focus deeply on one thing.


Theta State and the Belief System

The very captivating part of the Theta Brainwave State is the ability to unlock the subconscious mind!

Here is where things get interesting!

Everything that is BLOCKING you from manifesting is stored within your subconscious mind.

All the beliefs that tell you:

- You're not worthy

- It takes too much work to get (desires)

- I can't afford that

- I don't deserve to be happy

- If I have (desires) I will be alone

These are just SOME of the self-limiting I've witnessed upon working with my clients.

And they were only exposed when we entered into the Theta Brainwave State.

What was once blocked out of your conscious recognition, now is free to come to the forefront of your mind for investigation.

And here is the real kicker... you acquired these beliefs when you were IN the brainwave state!

Which means it takes entering back INTO this state in order to change those beliefs.


Entering into the Theta Brainwave State

You have been entering into this brainwave since you were born.

From the ages of 0-7, you were primarily in this state.

And THIS is where you gained most of your beliefs.

During your childhood, all your subconscious mind was doing was identifying what was a "threat" to you, how to survive, and where you fit into the world.

These "threats" that entered the subconscious mind were both physical, emotional, and mental fears.

Meaning that if you were told enough times that "NO ONE LIKES YOU", then your subconscious will see the feelings of unloved, isolation, and rejection as "threats" and do EVERYTHING in its (your subconscious mind) power, to ensure you NEVER FEEL THAT WAY!

Fast forward to your 20's when you're looking to manifest a relationship with someone special.

Your conscious self is acting out of the Beta and Alpha Brainwave State, participating in manifesting practices, when your subconscious mind is working in the background feeding your body the "fight and flight" mode feelings to ensure that you're never put in a situation where someone can reject you!

This means you then NEVER take action when an opportunity presents itself because your subconscious is telling you NO ONE LIKES YOU!

How messed up is that...

You self-sabotage without even knowing it!

HOWEVER, this is where the Theta Brainwave State is ESSENTIAL for manifesting.


Theta Brainwave State and Manifesting

When you enter the Theta Brainwave State before doing your manifesting rituals and practices, you are now entering your subconscious mind.

You now have the ability to go right to the source.

To direct your mind to the object of your desires.

It is in this State that you can also REPROGRAM your belief system.

Think of entering the Theta Brainwave State as the remote to enter into a video game.

You are the controller, and upon entering into the video game, you are able to change your wardrobe, chose your game board, and strengths your "avatar" possesses.

When I work with my clients who wish to manifest, you work on REWRITING those beliefs that were instilled during childhood.

We dig deep in the volt of the subconscious mind to determine the ROOT belief that is PREVENTING your conscious self from changing your patterns of thinking and feeling!




How to Manifest

So let's talk about your manifesting practice, and how to upgrade in order to TRULY manifest with ease and grace!

There are a few ways to do this...

Theta Healing

My favourite way is through Theta Healing!

As a Theta Healing Practitioner, I am constantly entering into the Theta Brainwave State with my clients,

However, I also do the work on myself.

Through Theta Healing I not only manifest through Creator's light and love, but I also remove the beliefs that made me either FEAR manifesting this specific thing or that reinforced my sense of worth and ABILITY to manifest.