Manifest Worksheet

What do you want to manifest?

This question of what I want to manifest has been asked more times in the past year than in all my life!

So now it’s time for me to ask you, What do you want?

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What do you want in your life?

Who do you want?

What would make your life complete?

Truly happy?

In love with all that you’ve accomplished?

When you are thinking of what you want, you also need to understand what your soul truly wants, not just what your ego wants.

Read here about The Difference Between Your Ego and Soul Mind.

When you are searching for what you truly want in life, search for what sets your soul on fire.

Similar to the act of creating a vision board, journalling on what you want in life is an amazing way to connect with your soul.

This puts loving positive energy into your intentions, and communicate more effectively with the universe to get the message across that this is EXACTLY what you want, and nothing less.

When I first started with journalling on what I wanted, I would say things like:

  1. win the lottery

  2. have my own business

  3. 6 pack

That’s it!

Just like that!

I would write that down on my vision board and use all the techniques and tips to try and manifest just that.

Do you know what happened?


  1. won $2 on the lottery

  2. started my own business and have changed the concept of it at least 4 times

  3. was surrounded by people (not me) who all had 6 packs!


It turned out that I was too vague with my wants and desires that the Universe decided to be JUST AS VAGUE!

Coodos to the Universe for that joke!

This is why I have made up the Ultimate Manifesting Worksheet, so there is no room for “vagueness” on either your part or that of the Universe.

No more little miracles, or funny hiccups in your manifesting.

It is time to get serious about what you want!