Manifest with the Law of Action

Everyone has heard of the Law of Attraction, but so many people forget about the Law of Action.

This physical world is governed by laws that are enforced by the government to keep us safe; and just like the physical world, the energetic world is also governed by laws, to direct us towards our higher selves.

There are 12 Universal Laws, each equally important, and each deeply connected to the other.

In order to truly master yourself, you need to understand and follow these 12 Universal Laws.

Similar to the ways in which our government establishes and enforces laws to keep society from harm, these Universal Laws keep you striving towards and achieving your true soul purpose in this life.

The Law of Action is one of true power and in connection with the famous Law of Attraction.

So if your goal is to harness the Law of Attraction and manifest your desires, there needs to be an equal use of the Law of Action.

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What is the Law of Action

The Law of Action states that:

You must take inspired physical action to manifest your desires. The Universe will send you signs on what steps to take.

This goes off the basis of Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, which states, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Take for example the lively pastime of throwing a boomerang.

The harder you throw the boomerang, with maximum effort, the same amount of effort and power is given upon return.

For every one step forward, there is the same amount of steps left behind.