Law of Polarity: Spectrum of Truth

The law of polarity is one of great magnitude and depth.

The law of polarity helps us understand where our truth dies, and our beliefs lie.

Everything is energy.

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Just like the laws enforced by the government, or police; our collective consciousness and collective energy, is guided by Universal Laws.

Each law opens up a deeper awareness and understanding of your purpose and the universal consciousness.

The Law of Polarity is an interesting law, however, because it helps explain the plane in which we all live in.

Based on Theta Healing, living in our physical body on earth, we are in the 3rd plane of existence.

In this plane, there is a duality present.

Duality is under the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity states that everything is dual. Everything has opposites. For every good there is bad.

This can be seen in fairy tales.

There are heroes and evil villains.

This Law can be seen in almost every aspect of your life.