Law of Polarity: Spectrum of Truth

The law of polarity is one of great magnitude and depth.

The law of polarity helps us understand where our truth dies, and our beliefs lie.

Everything is energy.

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Just like the laws enforced by the government, or police; our collective consciousness and collective energy, is guided by Universal Laws.

Each law opens up a deeper awareness and understanding of your purpose and the universal consciousness.

The Law of Polarity is an interesting law, however, because it helps explain the plane in which we all live in.

Based on Theta Healing, living in our physical body on earth, we are in the 3rd plane of existence.

In this plane, there is a duality present.

Duality is under the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity states that everything is dual. Everything has opposites. For every good there is bad.

This can be seen in fairy tales.

There are heroes and evil villains.

This Law can be seen in almost every aspect of your life.

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It is important to understand that this Law states that nothing is neither good nor bad, but are on opposite poles of each other.

They are at different degrees.

Remember in science class when you’d determine the PH of a solution (secrets out, I’m a science lover, now you know!).

You have a range of PH that the solution could be, ranging from alkaline, neutral, acidic.

Neither is better than the other, it all depends on which solution is being tested!

The same goes for the experiences in your life.

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With the Law of Polarity, nothing is good or bad, it is just at a certain point on the polarity spectrum.

It is up to you to determine if it is helpful or harmful for you!

The great thing about understanding this Law is that you can use it to your advantage.

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With greater knowledge about consciousness, you can see that nothing is good or bad, it all depends on our own perspective and life experiences on how we categorize certain things.

It depends on what solution we put into the beaker to test.

Say that you workout 2 times a day, 7 days a week.

This is a neutral solution by nature.

It is just a fact.

Now say the person who is participating in this physical activity is suffering anorexia and working out in order to lose more weight.

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Now you have just added something to this experience from a different perspective and depending on your own views on anorexia, you can either label this “solution” as either good or bad.


How to Use the Law of Polarity to Your Advantage

1. Silver Lining

Ever hear someone tell you to look for the silver lining in a negative situation.

Do you remember how annoyed you were when you heard that, and how hard it was to recall a silver lining?

With a better understanding of the Law of Polarity, you can lessen the polarity that you placed on the situation.

You can realize that there IS a “silver lining” or opposite circumstance to this situation.

This can bring you out of dark places (we’ve all been in those dark places, especially if we are going through spiritual awakening).

The Law of Polarity helps you change your perspective, to understand that there are always two sides of the story.


2. Raise Your Consciousness

Spend a day labeling everything in your life.

Every person you see, every conversation you have, every experience, label.

You will realize that you’ve been unconsciously doing that your whole life!

You’ve been walking around labeling and judging.

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This is your subconscious programming attempting to help you make sense of the world.

It helps you remain in the facade you’ve been in, in order to protect the beliefs that you have ingrained in your subconscious.

Now try to spend a day NOT labeling!

You will find this a lot harder.

However, it is through this act that you awaken your consciousness.

Allowing events, people, situations to pass through you, gives you the chance to become more awakened.

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You are no longer worried about these circumstances affecting your mood because they are no longer labeled as good or bad in your mind.

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They are now just on different polarities, that you are no longer affected by!

It is through understanding the Law of Polarity that you can raise your consciousness.


3. Give Meaning to Emotions

How would you know what happiness felt like without sadness?

How would you know what love was without heartbreak?

The Law of Polarity allows you to see the importance of the broad spectrum of emotions.

The negative emotions give you a greater appreciation for the positive ones, and the constant strive for them.

Without duality, you wouldn’t experience emotions, and realize the importance of each emotion.

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So when you’re going through a period where sadness seems endless, you can harness the Law of Polarity to understand this sadness is necessary, because your happiness will be just as great!

Let me know what you love most about the Law of Polarity!

Grateful for today,

EMs Path

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