Law of Divine Oneness- We are all Connected

The Law of Divine Oneness is the most important Universal Law out there.

There is something strange about the idea that we are all separate beings, that the strongest will survive, and “every man for themselves” mentality.

Every human, animal, plant, and organism out there didn’t just appear out of nowhere, to live on their own, and to die alone.

Everything on the planet and the Universe are all connected.

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It is easy to go on day by day minding your own business. However, even by doing that, you are STILL unknowingly impacting and influencing the lives of everyone else. One of the Universal Laws that guide this Universe and your impact here, is that everything is connected.

The Law of Divine Oneness states that we are all connected. Everything we do affects the collective consciousness of the entire Universe!

You can see this present in nature.

A bees’ purpose is to pollinate flowers in order to produce the fruits that humans and animals consume. The oh so small task of bee affects not only agriculture, but the health of humans and animals, and their influence on nature.

We are all connected.

This is the reason why your words and actions matter so much.

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Take a closer look at bullying. Imagine you say something hurtful to another person. What to you seemed like one random comment made out of anger, drastically influenced that person’s emotional state, and caused them no not pursue their dreams of becoming president, and changing the world for the better. (extreme case, I know, but that is how deeply we are all connected!)

This Law of Divine Oneness of why when something good is done, it gives you the highest joy!

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You are spreading that positive, loving energy to not only that person, but everyone in their life, and everyone in those people’s lives, and so on.

This Law allows you to see the world from a different colored lens.

Instead of the “dog eat dog” world, it is now about sharing and caring.

Implementing this law into your life not only allows good to befall on you but it also positively impacts those around you.

The Law of Divine Oneness allows you to see the power of your presence.

You didn’t fall out of the sky with no purpose, but in fact, came here to be part of the puzzle of the Universe.