Is Overthinking Limiting Your Spiritual Growth!

Living in the present, or overthinking?

Are you finding it hard to move forward in your personal and spiritual development because of all the overthinking?

Whether thinking of prince charming, your dream house, or what you’ll be doing this weekend, we all take part in overthinking in some sense.

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However, do you REALLY know the implications of all this overthinking?

Just like in fairy tales: to every good, there is evil. 

For the good “pondering”, there is the negative “overthinking”!

Overthinking is best categorized as Mini Mind Movies that are on repeat.

You create scenarios in your head, replaying them OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

This affect your decision making and how you live your life!

You play these scenarios out in our head of what you think would happen if you chose (blank) option, or said (blank) words.

When you take too long to make a decision, as simple as can be, you begin to overthink or play little “movies” in your head of what may happen if you did or did not chose a certain option.

It takes 5 seconds for your subconscious mind to make a decision before your conscious mind takes over, and the “mind movies” start playing.

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Now these mind movies, or over thinking, used to be very beneficial to our ancestors. 

When humans primary focus was survival, those mind movies would play out how different scenarios would pan out in order to choose the correct action that would guarantee survival.

Unfortunately, this behaviour of overthinking has been adopted into the modern world.

Thinking about the far future, your plans to have a family, travel, buy a property or start a new career are all healthy future thinking.

However, if any of your thoughts sound something like what’s listed below then it is unhealthy overthinking.

  1. if you’re going to say the wrong thing on a date

  2. mess up on an interview

  3. never get a job and live on the streets

  4. scared of driving to work because there is a chance of icy rain

Mini Mind Movies can creep up on you at the most random moments. 

Whether in line for the movies, meditating, even speaking to a stranger, your mind can drift off and begin over thinking about the immediate future and the mistakes that can be made based on the decisions you make.

Now for those who think that their mind movies are innocent, you are wrong!

These mind movies can imprint into similar future events that, without the overthinking, may have been a positive experience.

Take the situation of a child freaking out about a hockey game coming up the following day. She’s nervous that she will miss the puck, that she will let the other team score, and that she will let the team down.

She plays this “mind movie” out in her head, and her neurotransmitters begin to associate playing hockey with failure. 

The more she replays the movies, both that day and for each hockey game that follows, the negative association becomes stronger, and soon this child quits hockey because she “doesn’t like it anymore!” 

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This overthinking can change the positive or neutral association of an event, person, or circumstance, into a negative one, by simply thinking about what “could” happen.

Now, you may be asking, “well, how do I stop these from playing, I don’t even realize I’m partaking in it, it just happens.”

2 Practices to Stop the Overthinking “Mind Movies”

1. Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

When you notice that you begin to overthink about something, no matter how small, ask yourself “Am I in that situation right now?”  If the answer is NO (which most of the time it will be), then DON’T think about it anymore. 

Check out the 5 Senses Exercise to help ground you when feeling overwhelmed.

Stop your thoughts about it!

At the beginning of this practice, you will have to ask yourself this question more than once because your mind movies will want to come back.

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Chances are, that negative association is already there in your mind, so these mind movies are automatically on replay until you cave and accept the negative association. 

By breaking that cycle, as slow of a process as it may be, you will begin to weaken that association and build a new, positive one.

This is what is done during Theta Healing. Old beliefs and telomere connections are broken, and new, healthy ones are formed.

This allows you to live life without fear, with confidence and self-love, and through your soul.

Read here for more information on Theta Healing and to book your first appointment today!

2. Meditate

Meditation is a practice that I incorporate into each and every day and I encourage all my clients to do the same.

Read here for my full Spiritual Morning Routine

Meditation helps to strengthen the mind to be able to take control back over your thoughts. 

By consciously trying to clear your mind, focus your thoughts, and slow down the over thinking, you are quieting the “ego mind” and forcing your thoughts to be controlled by you, not the other way around.

If you need help on mediation, check out my blog posts on Meditation for Beginners, The 5 Things To Make a Sacred Meditation Space, 5 Unknown Benefits of Meditation, Top Meditation Course for Beginners.

Stop the mind movies, and watch how many more positive experiences you can have, and how your life can change!

Grateful for Today, EMs Path

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