Intuitive Writing: How to Speak to Your Spirit Guides

Intuitive writing is a practice that I encourage everyone to participate in. Intuitive writing is also powerful for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, it is an amazing way to express yourself, to uncover your hidden desires, and to create a positive mindset.

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Intuitive writing, however, is a bit different and even more powerful

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What is Intuitive Writing?

Intuitive writing is a process of journaling in a somewhat automatic or unconstructed way. You aren’t guided or instructed on what to write about.

There are no prompts on writing about your day, or about your crush. You freely write about whatever comes to mind.

By picking up the pen and writing!

And writing and writing, and writing, until you’ve run out of what to write about!

How to Intuitively Write

The best way to begin intuitive writing is to do it when you feel inclined to!

I find because I pick up on others energy and hold a lot of those emotions and energy in, I need to use intuitive journaling every day as a way to ground myself. This is one of the ways I learn to love myself and connect with my soul as an Empath.

First, ground yourself, either through meditation, deep breathing, or Theta Healing.

I like to imagine the energy travel from my heart chakra into Mother Earth, and feeling secure and grounded with all that’s around me.

After that, close your eyes and ask your spirit guides for guidance and communication in the highest and best way.

Once you make that command, open your eyes and just write.

With intuitive writing, there will be no structure and probably no flow to your writing. There may not even be any sentences.

But it is all coming through in the highest and best way.

There will be words, thoughts, and feelings that your subconscious and soul have been trying to communicate to you, but what your ego and conscious mind may have hidden from you!

There have been some writing sessions where I have just written based on my feelings; whether sadness and fear or love and gratitude.

I will dive deep into a situation that triggered my ego and repeatedly write the same word over and over again until it’s ingrained in my head.

Don’t think about what you’re writing or why you’re writing it.

Don’t stop halfway to read it, to try and make sense of what is coming to mind.

Just write what intuitively comes to you!

It can sometimes be a hard process initially, as our conscious mind does it’s best to hide those feelings and emotions that make us vulnerable to that which threatens our ego.

The more you make intuitive writing a daily practice, the more you will be able to let your guard down and let your true desires come through.

You will be surprised just how much you’ve hidden from yourself.

Through intuitive writing, your higher self will lead you towards the path to discovering that which is important for you to know at the time.

The more open you are to the idea of intuitive writing, the easier it will be for your higher self to come through and help you during your self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Another powerful way to connect with your higher self is to write while holding or placing a crystal near you!

My favourite crystals for connecting with your higher self is Amethyst and Amazonite.  I love the ones from Energy Muse, especially the bundle they offer to help balance your chakras. This helps clear the energetic pathway of communication between you and your higher self.

Try out intuitive writing, and see what comes up!

Crystals help raise your vibration to that of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentient, which in turn, opens your third eye and your communication to your higher self.

Your higher self will thank you for this!

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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