Importance of Grounding for Empaths

aAs an empath, I have endured many years of absorbing others energy, and only once I discovered grounding did my life change for the better.

Understanding your gifts as an empath is necessary for personal growth and spiritual awareness.

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Many Empaths blindly go through life without the knowledge of their true gifts.

Without exploration and acceptance of your true qualities, triggers and pain, confusion and isolation may persist within your life.

This is why one of the most powerful techniques for Empaths to engage in is grounding.

What is an Empath

Empaths are classified as beings who are energetically tuned and who are highly sensitive to the energy around them.

Think of an Empath like a sponge.

Their energetic field picks up and retains any surrounding energy, regardless of whether it is positive or not.

Like a sponge, they continue to “swell up” with energy from every person they meet or situation they encounter.

However, empaths sometimes struggle with being able to release this energy that they no longer need.

This energy affects an Empath by causing:

  • Fatigue

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed in crowds

  • Sensitivity to loud noises and bright lights

  • Digestive issues

  • Need to people please

  • And much more

In a sense, they become imprisoned through their own gifts.


Empaths have heightened intuition.

They have an inner knowing that is incomprehensible to others.

Almost like an inner lie detector, Empaths have a very accurate guidance system on the hidden truths of others.

This may cause confusion and a sense of detachment from others, especially when the truth isn’t verbally revealed.

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This is once again due to the energy they pick up from others.

Empaths have some amazing gifts that become weakened when overshadowed by others' energy.

Gifts such as:

  • being a natural healer

  • Intuition

  • Stronger connection to nature and animals

  • Ability to possess deeper, loving relationships

When an empath encounters a person or situation where the energy is of lower vibration (hate, anger, jealously, envy, fear), the empath's lack of filtration in their energetic field causes them to consumes this energy as well.

Without the proper knowledge of how to release this energy, they can feel drained, in pain, lost, confused, isolated, sick and alone.

Without the proper protection from outside energy, an Empath can become pulled down to the vibration of others.

This is when narcissists come into play.

Narcissists are master energy vampires; they take advantage of the positive energetic field of the Empath.

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Empaths can have a strong urge to please others.

This is in an attempt to protect themselves from absorbing the negative energy as a result of disappointing others.

This can become dangerous for an empath's success and spiritual journey.

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The less honest an Empath is to themselves, the less likely they are able to tap into their innate healing power.


What is Grounding

Grounding is a therapeutic technique which electrically connects you to the earth!

For thousands of years, grounding, or earthing, has been a widely used practice among many Native tribes and communities.

The copious benefits of grounding have been used for healing many ailments including:

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Reducing insomnia

  • Improving hormonal imbalances

  • Increasing energy

  • Reducing chronic pain

  • Improving recovery time

  • Improving depression and anxiety

  • And so much more

The way grounding works is through the connection between your body (which is highly conductive) and the earth (also highly conductive).

The earth holds negatively charged electrons that are freely acceptable to every living thing on this planet.

Animals, plants, and humans all have the ability to seize the abundant supply of negative electrons that are on the earth's surface.

Through this transference, the negative electrons attach to the positive free radicals in the body, and neutralize their harmful effects on the harmony of the human body.

These positively free radicals are the main cause of inflammation, which can lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more.

Through grounding, you are able to balance out your energy to that of the earth, which is at the frequency of 7.83Hz.

This is important because once you are connected to Earth, and tuned into the vibrational match of Earth's Frequency, you instantly receive all the healing benefits.

Another significant aspect of grounding is the correlation between the frequency of Earth and the frequency of your brain in the Theta state.

The Theta state resonates at a frequency of 3-7Hz, which causes a calm, peaceful, dreamlike feeling.

This is why when you’re in nature, you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.


Importance of Grounding for Empath

As mentioned earlier, empaths are energetic sponges.

This means that at any given time, they may instantly change from a state of being calm and relaxed, to feeling tense and anxious.

This is why one of the crucial practices for Empaths is grounding.

The process of grounding can bring an empath, vibrating at a frequency of shame (20hz), fear (100hz) or even anger (150hz), to a resonance of 7.38Hz.

Even though the frequency of Earth is “lower” than the frequencies of the negative emotions, it is stronger due to its balancing and healing abilities.

Bringing yourself to the Theta State during grounding allows healing to occur, as cortisol levels drop.

Grounding is a mandatory daily practice for Empaths because it helps Empaths quickly release the overload of energy that they carry throughout the day in an efficient manner.

This everyday practice ensures that an empath has a means in which to realign their energetic field, remove unwanted energy, and remain healthy and strong.

Without grounding, an empath may hold onto the unwanted and harmful energy of others for hours, even days.

This can cause drastic side effects to their mood, health and behaviour.


5 Ways to Ground

There are various techniques that allow grounding to occur.

My best suggestion is to try them all out and see which resonates with you more.

1. Ea