Importance of Grounding for Empaths

aAs an empath, I have endured many years of absorbing others energy, and only once I discovered grounding did my life change for the better.

Understanding your gifts as an empath is necessary for personal growth and spiritual awareness.

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Many Empaths blindly go through life without the knowledge of their true gifts.

Without exploration and acceptance of your true qualities, triggers and pain, confusion and isolation may persist within your life.

This is why one of the most powerful techniques for Empaths to engage in is grounding.

What is an Empath

Empaths are classified as beings who are energetically tuned and who are highly sensitive to the energy around them.

Think of an Empath like a sponge.

Their energetic field picks up and retains any surrounding energy, regardless of whether it is positive or not.

Like a sponge, they continue to “swell up” with energy from every person they meet or situation they encounter.

However, empaths sometimes struggle with being able to release this energy that they no longer need.

This energy affects an Empath by causing:

  • Fatigue

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed in crowds

  • Sensitivity to loud noises and bright lights