Hug A Tree

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I came across a very interesting conversation today with a friend. We were at the park, taking pictures, enjoying the sun, and surrounded by nature. He then turned to me and said: “Hug the tree!”

Despite the fear of creepy crawlers on that tree, I followed his orders, thinking he just wanted to capture the perfect picture of whatever vision he developed in his mind. It was then that he said, “did you know you should actually hug 1 tree a day, it has many health benefits!”

For some reason, this comment stuck with me, all day, and all night. So I dug a little deeper.

What I found was extremely interesting and yet not as surprising as I would have anticipated.

Nature has a way of healing itself, creating vast amounts of beauty, and creating a form of breathable air for humans. Mother Nature is the starting point for everything we have in this world, the circle of life, the magic that we take for granted.

Yet when I look around, how many people are REALLY appreciating nature. We tear down forests for buildings, pave over lakes for shopping malls, and spend as much time in the city as possible.

For those of you who grew up in the country, you can understand the appreciation and beauty that nature holds, from the sound of birds in the morning to the smell of fresh cut grass.

When so many of us walk around with our heads down looking at our phone, to being in such a rush that they miss the beauty they pass, we are so disconnected from nature.

Chakra knowledge has the root chakra as the grounding form, with meditation best performed with your feet or bum on the floor. Did we not bother to wonder why?

The closer we are to the ground, the more we touch the earth, gain its energy, and ground ourselves to Mother Nature and ourselves.

I strongly suggest reading this amazing book by Matthew Silverstone called Blinded by Science, as it provides a much deeper understanding of the numerous benefits of nature and trees.

This book digs deeper into the vast amazement that trees and plants provide for us. Just hugging a tree, even for a short while, can help to improve depression, ADHD, and concentration. This connection we have with plants and the energy we share have been studied intensely by scientists.