How Your Vocabulary Influences The Law of Attraction

I have been writing a lot about the importance of remaining positive, keeping an open mind, positive vocabulary and the power of the Law of Attraction.

However, I don’t think I have emphasized enough of just how powerful the Law of Attraction is.

In everyday conversations, either with ourselves, or others, we are either attracting into our life that which we want, or that which we are trying to avoid.

The very thought of something that you do not wish to have is powerful enough to attract that into your life.

No longer happy to be single anymore, DO NOT think of how there are no compatible partners out there!

Tired of being sick, DO NOT think about how sick you are in this present moment.

Now, after this first and most important step in the Law of Attraction, the next step is to control your words.

You may think that you have this attraction business down pat, writing in gratitude journals, repeating affirmations and visualizing what you desire.

However, a HUGE barrier in allowing you to attract what you wish is


Now I’m not referring to your potty mouth or French terms you wish you didn’t use as much. I’m referring to the way you speak about yourself and your world.

When you have thoughts of wanting something, but your language conflicts those thoughts, you prevent the Law of Attraction from working in your favour.

You can be wanting more money, yet saying that:

“you are broke”

something is “too expensive”

or “I’ll never be able to do that with my funds”

You automatically put a hold on the flow of energy that attracts money to you when your vocabulary is negative.

If you take a look at your everyday vocabulary, how often do you say things like:

“I can’t”

“It’s too expensive”

“I’m ugly”

“I wish I could look/have (blank)”

“I wish I had (blank)”

” I’m jealous of what they have”

” I would never be able to have (blank)”

For those reading this and swearing they never use terms, try assigning a family member or friend to keep a careful watch on the way you speak.

You will be surprised to see JUST how automatic this language has become.

For the most part, you don’t even realize that you speak this way, because you have been programmed to speak of that which you don’t have.

Little focus and attention is placed on the positive and feeling gratitude for what you do have.

When you change your vocabulary to positive language, you are raising your energetic vibration to that of love and appreciation.

This, in turn, will allow a clear line of energy to flow between that which you desire and yourself.

Change the way you speak about what you want in your life.

Start speaking as if you already have it, and that you are worthy of it.

Want a new partner?

Imagine having an ideal partner!

Say out loud in everyday conversations that you are attracting one at this very moment, and watch how fast you enter cuffing season!

Want more money?

Speak about how much you’re grateful for the money you already have.

No matter how little it may seem to you!

If it is enough to feed you, clothe and shelter you, and enough to buy that extra large coffee every Monday morning, then you have more money than you realize.

Just like anything else you want in your life, money is energy.

It flows in the direction of that which vibrate on the same energy frequency as it!

Read my Money Mantra post for some inspirational affirmations that increase the flow of energy and money into your life!

Your language has a huge influence on how your life is.

So take a good look at what you have, and what you wish you had. Maybe it isn’t those external influences you keep blaming, but the way you speak every day!

Grateful for today,

EMs Path

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