How to Heal Faster With Energy Healing!

Many of you have heard of energy healing, the newest trend for healing.

From Reiki, crystal healers, acupuncture, reflexology, and chakra healing, many people are turning to this form of healing as the last end resort to cure their illness or prevalent issues.

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Our whole universe is made up of energy, from the chair you’re sitting on while reading this post, to the food you’re consuming on a daily basis.

People have become so disconnected from this form of energy, that the energy healing world has since become taboo, or woohoo magic.

Majority of our culture has been brought up with the idea that doctors and pharmaceutical drugs are the way to go for healing.

This may be because it has been the primary form of healing for decades, or because the proof of its legitimacy and positive results are available almost immediately.

When a doctor casts a broken leg, the patient sees the results of that cast and knows their leg will be healed with time.

When a doctor prescribes blood pressure medication, the patient knows that it will help with their high blood pressure and take the medication religiously.

With energy healing, the healing comes from the idea that it is possible, not that they will see something immediately change in front of them.

With chakra healing, Chinese medicine, or even Reiki, the healer harnesses the energy that is within each of us and manipulates it in a way that allows for them to balance our mood, emotions, and physical body.

Energy healing allows for the patient’s flow of energy throughout their body to work properly and effectively, the way it was supposed to.

Environmental irritants, childhood experiences, or trauma all have certain negative influences on a persons physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

With energy healing, you open up those meridians (Chakras) that are blocked by these factors and allow your body to heal naturally, the way it was meant to.

How to Heal Faster With Energy Healing?

Energy healing allows for the root problem to be solved, instead of the band-aid effect that most mainstream healing provides. For instance, if someone has high blood pressure, instead of medication, energy healing allows for your energy to flow through your body easier or allows for certain beliefs and emotions to be pulled in order to allow the body to work effectively to pump the blood.

I have personally had many experiences with energy healing, and have tried most of them out throughout my healing journey. You can check out my experience with each below!

What to Expect With These 5 Energy Healing Modalities

I have found that the most powerful form of energy healing is one that allows for change right at the start of the issue. The healing ability to go into the DNA and alter it, change it, and pull those beliefs that surround it is the basis of Theta Healing!

So What the Heck is Theta Healing?

Theta healing is a energy healing modality which harnesses the subconcious mind, and the factors the govern each of our