How I Made Manifesting Work For Me!

Manifesting seems to be the latest and greatest trend out there right now!

Ever since The Secret came out on Netflix, people everywhere have been trying to change their life through manifesting.

However many of those same people are then disappointed when they do not receive that which they asked for.

It is understood that the Law of Attraction brings that which you think about.

It is quite a simple law, and yet very misunderstood.

People believe that by thinking they are rich, or want a soul mate, or a new job, that they will have it brought to them.


Just because you say what you want to be true or to manifest in your life, doesn’t mean the Law of Attraction will work for you.

You can say you’re a boy when you’re a girl, but that doesn’t make it true.

When manifesting what you desire, there is ONE important step that a lot of people seem to forget.


I put myself in a state that allowed me to fully believe I could have it.

When you try to manifest from a place of doubt, desperation, and desire, your energy is vibrating at such a low-frequency that the Universe can’t even hear your call.

It’s like trying to call someone through a walkie-talkie when they are out of range.  You will DESPERATELY be trying to get a hold of them with no success.

When we put ourselves in a space and energetic vibration of love and gratitude,


Love and Gratitude are some of the highest energy vibrations that humans can have.  When you put yourself in a state of love and gratitude, the Universe hears your message LOUD AND CLEAR, and the Law of Attraction provides that which you ask for.

So HOW can you do this?

By giving thanks for all that you have already!

The technique that I use is simple:

  1. Find a quiet space

  2. Breathe deeply and think about 3 things which you like, love, and then are grateful for

  3. After this grounding and energy raising technique, now concentrate on what you’re grateful for right now

  4. From there, THEN, and ONLY THEN, begin to pick 1 thing that you want to manifest

  5. Keep the thoughts of gratitude and love in your heart and mind when speaking of what you wish to manifest, and BELIEVE that it is possible


The Law of Attraction will hear you loud and clear and bring you that which you wish to manifest.

It is quite simple but does take some practice.  So if you’re willing to put in the work, the Universe WILL meet you halfway in order for you to manifest what you desire!

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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