How Gossip Lowers Our Vibration

People LOVE to gossip!

You ever find yourself at the end of a punchline, the main character in a rumor, and a victim stabbed in the back?

These unfortunate events happen every day, and we all feed off it of.  We want to hear the most exciting story, who broke up with whom, and what is happening to this person or that.  We search for stories that make our life seem alright, to know we aren’t the only ones struggling.

It’s so much more harmful than we realize, and it NEEDS to stop NOW!

Let’s start off by figuring out WHY we gossip.

We do it involuntarily, blindly, and without a second thought.  We talk about others problems, and we decipher what is the best and worst qualities of that person or situation.

So many of us are searching for that freedom, the release that lets us escape the battles we are facing.  When exposed to another’s stories, problems, and issues, for a split second, we forget our own, and that feels good.  We are relieved of our own insecurities, our fears, and our doubts.  We hear that someone else messed up, that they failed, and we are SO HAPPY!

It’s quite a sick thought if you really analyze it.  We are HAPPY with other people failing! We secretly smile to ourselves when we hear someone was fired.  We chuckle when we watch someone strike out on asking their crush out.  We pat ourselves on the back for having a job when someone else doesn’t.


We gossip because it’s easier than admitting our own problems.  When we are faced with the decision to discuss our own insecurities, or point out someone else’s, we take that shot on another FREELY!

So how does gossip affect us?

Well, this gossip is a form of karma, karma that comes right back to you.  When we speak down about another, we are allowing the universe to realize our insecurities, even without uttering a word about them.  We send out negative energy, which, in turn, comes back around.

It is a never-ending cycle that we get stuck in, without even realizing it!

When we speak badly about another, we are speaking badly about ourselves.

“That girl has put on so much weight, why did she do that?”

“Did you hear, she asked him out and he shut her down!”

“Can you believe that he’s been without a job for 3 months now, I don’t know what he’s doing.”

We are speaking from our own insecurities when we speak about another. Whether from lack of confidence, money fears, self-image issues and so many more.

Gossip feeds our minds with negative thoughts and reinforces our limiting beliefs of ourselves.  When we stop talking about others in a negative way and start praising them for what they have and allowing them to live contently with what they don’t, we, in fact, changing our own mindset.

We are all living a unique life, following a different path, and when we speak about others, we speak from OUR experiences and attempting to degrade another’s faults, instead of working on our own.