Happiness: The Key to Consciousness

Where do you find happiness?

Simple enough question right?

It’s like asking for a slice of cake Do you want a slice of cake? (the answer is always yes)

So why does it seem that so many people are unhappy, and how can we finally decide to be happy?

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Why People are Unhappy

When you ask someone how they are doing, a typical response may include “I’m good, how are you?”

Or “It’s been a rough morning, I missed my bus, slept in, and ran out of time to eat breakfast.”

If you took an honest look at your emotional state right now, can you confidently say that you are happy?

I don’t mean happy because a crush texted you, because you got a raise, or because you ate that delicious slice of chocolate cake.

I mean, are you truly happy.

Regardless of what happens in your life?

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The problem with happiness is that it is overcomplicated.

It is twisted and put within limits, and so fragile that it almost seems pointless to get caught up in the feeling.

You say things like:

  1. When I have this I’ll be happy

  2. I’d be happy if only this person didn’t say that

  3. It’s not easy to be happy when you’re sick like me

Happiness is being qualified!

The feeling is placed as a temporary feeling that is only there once A, B and C are all lined up!

This is the wrong way around!

Happiness shouldn’t be a feeling ONLY IF A happens, or if B says something, or if C is in a certain state.

Happiness should be present every day, every minute.

Now there are times when moments come up with A, B, and C that don’t go your way.

There may be a separation from a loved one, an illness, or even death.

However, past the pain and sorrow, there needs to be the understanding that you are still happy, and you choose to be happy every day!

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Why is it so Important to be Happy?

Happiness is important because it is one of the first steps toward consciousness!

Simple as that!

When dealing with anything from psychic abilities, healing, manifesting, or being able to control your energetic state it is a necessary part.

When’s the last time you heard someone who HATES life, exemplifies psychic abilities, or practice manifestation and in top health?

Probably never!

It doesn’t match up!

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There is no space for awareness and consciousness to become present in order to accomplish everything mentioned above.


3 Ways to Be Happy

1. Choose To Be

It’s as simple as that.

Choose to be happy!

Regardless of what comes by in your life, choose to remain happy and to search for happiness!

A great way to start and reinforce this decision is to find happiness in your life.

I always say to follow the Yellow Brick Road to Happiness!

Find what makes you happy and follow that!

Literally follow it as if it was leading you to OZ.

If a smile is brought to your face when you saw a commercial on TV for an upcoming Ballet, buy a ticket and go see it.

If warmth is brought to your body when you hear a certain word from someone, start saying that to yourself every day.

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Follow the breadcrumbs, and you’ll begin to find happiness.

However, just like in the Wizard of Oz, there may be times when the witch of negativity comes in to pull you off the path.

This is where the choice to be happy comes into play.

You have to choose that no matter what comes up, your happiness is not quantifiable and you will remain in that state!

You have to mean it wholeheartedly.

Only then, can you reach a new level of consciousness.


2. Don’t Close Your Heart

As mentioned EVERYWHERE in my blog, everything is energy.

The chair you’re sitting on, the phone you’re reading this off of, and even your body is all energy.

You have energy centers within you that relate to different physical organs, emotions, and thoughts.

Your heart is one of the most powerful of these energy centers.

The mind/heart connection is so important for manifesting (Read here to learn more about the mind/heart connection for manifesting).

That mind/heart connection is also important for happiness.

Check out my favourite heart-opening crystals here!

When you have a certain thought, you invoke a certain emotion and physical response.

However, when a situation or event has a strong impression on you, you hold onto that thought as a certain belief.

This can cause you to shift from a state of happiness to pure anger in a matter of seconds.

Say you are having a great day, and suddenly you get a call from your partner, and they say something that upsets you.

You let that comment affect your energetic body, and close up your heart to love and happiness.

Tumbled Stones from Energy Muse

Everyone experiences this, however, it is only once you make that decision to be happy, that no matter what comes your way, you can allow these events to pass through you.

When your partner says something to bother you, or another car cuts you off while driving, try to focus on your heart.

What do you feel?

Anger, tightness, increased heart rate, darkness?

This is the actions of your negative thoughts causing you to block the energy center of your heart!

Practice keeping that energy center open.

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When you are triggered (and trust me, even after one practice run of allowing your heart center to become blocked, you will know what your triggers are when they come up), focus on your heart.

Focus on sending love, breathing through your heart, and smiling.

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Let the negativity pass through you like a ghost!

Don’t hold onto it. It will do you more harm than anyone else.


3. Work on Your Limits (Theta Healing)

What are these limits?

Really, there are no limits, but for the discussion of happiness, there are major limits in place that affect your ability to remain happy.

The limits are placed there by you!

You and your subconscious mind.

Earlier I mentioned the power of the subconscious mind and its influence on your thoughts and how you live your life.

Read here about reprogramming your subconscious mind. (link)

Well, the subconscious mind will also do everything it can to keep you from harm, and from anything that threatens that facade you’ve put on.

When your subconscious mind feels threatened, it will do everything it can to bring itself back into a state that is known, based on the beliefs they have on repeat.

In order to achieve true happiness, you need to go through these limits!

You need to face the limits head on!

There is nothing to be afraid of, as the memories of past events “possibly” harming you are just that, in the past!

Your mind can’t tell the difference between past and present, and because of this, it can feel the same threat and fear in a situation now based on a similar situation from the past.

In order to change this, and achieve happiness, you need to either push past the limits or remove those beliefs.

Theta healing is an amazing energy healing modality to achieve both options.

During the first 7 years of life, you are living through the Theta brainwave state.

This is the state in which information can be downloaded, and where your beliefs were instilled.

Through Theta healing, you’re able to access those beliefs that are set up and replace them with new ones.

Read here to learn more about Theta Healing!


Happiness is the key to consciousness, and in order to achieve this unconditional happiness, you need to CHOOSE to do so!

Allow yourself to remain open, and explore the limits that have prevented you from true happiness in the past!

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No more saying when, if, or someday; Choose happiness NOW!

Let me know how you choose happiness in the comments below!

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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