Happiness: The Key to Consciousness

Where do you find happiness?

Simple enough question right?

It’s like asking for a slice of cake Do you want a slice of cake? (the answer is always yes)

So why does it seem that so many people are unhappy, and how can we finally decide to be happy?

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Why People are Unhappy

When you ask someone how they are doing, a typical response may include “I’m good, how are you?”

Or “It’s been a rough morning, I missed my bus, slept in, and ran out of time to eat breakfast.”

If you took an honest look at your emotional state right now, can you confidently say that you are happy?

I don’t mean happy because a crush texted you, because you got a raise, or because you ate that delicious slice of chocolate cake.

I mean, are you truly happy.

Regardless of what happens in your life?

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The problem with happiness is that it is overcomplicated.

It is twisted and put within limits, and so fragile that it almost seems pointless to get caught up in the feeling.

You say things like:

  1. When I have this I’ll be happy

  2. I’d be happy if only this person didn’t say that

  3. It’s not easy to be happy when you’re sick like me

Happiness is being qualified!

The feeling is placed as a temporary feeling that is only there once A, B and C are all lined up!

This is the wrong way around!

Happiness shouldn’t be a feeling ONLY IF A happens, or if B says something, or if C is in a certain state.

Happiness should be present every day, every minute.