Guided Meditation To Improve Self-Love

For years I struggled with self-love and self-esteem issues.

I hated the way my body looked.

Envious of how other women looked in comparison to me.

I starved myself in order to look a certain way (thinking that would bring all the boys to my yard!)

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When I was at my lowest point, I was drowning in negative repetitive thoughts.

Thoughts of being unworthy, unlovable, undeserving of happiness, and forever alone.

These thoughts became so loud that it took over my life!

All I could think about was how I looked, how others thought I looked, and how I wasn’t worthy of any happiness.

Thankfully, at the time I had an amazing partner that was my rock and support.

However, I knew that I needed to change for myself.

I needed to become more self-aware and change my thoughts so they could no longer control me.

This is when I discovered meditation.

I would start with 10 minutes every morning.

Just sitting there, trying hard to tune out those self-destructive thoughts.

Nothing really changed for the first week.

I still felt angry at myself, my body, and my mind for constantly thinking negatively.

Then by week 2, I tried a new meditation.

This meditation was tailored to self-love, acceptance, and finding joy in life.

I started again with just 10 minutes, and slowly started experiencing longer and deeper meditations.

You may be wondering why I always recommend meditation?

Well, a couple of reasons.

Reasons to Meditate

It Can be Done Anywhere

You don’t need any high tech/expensive equipment in order to participate in it.


It is a Simple Practice

From beginners to advanced gurus, meditation can be a skill picked up by all walks of life, from any age or religious background.

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It Determines the Root Problem

The issue I have with medication (which is a huge one FYI) is that it doesn’t find the root of the problem at hand, but masks the symptoms associated with it.

With meditation, you are digging deeper into your subconscious in order to become aware of the true reasoning and causes of your physical, mental and emotional issues.

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It is an Agency for Self-Healing

This is by far the most important reason to add meditation to your daily routine.

It promotes self-healing.

We all have the innate ability to heal, we are just so out of tune with our mind and body that we have lost the knowledge of how!

Meditation brings about your own self-awareness.

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The awareness of your thoughts allows for a deeper understanding and analysis of the possible stressors influencing how you behave and your quality of health.


Now back to Self-Love

Just by adding this meditation into my daily routine, I noticed a huge shift in my self-love and worth.

Self-Love Meditation

1. Grounding Your Energy

Learn about the fast growing Earthing movement.

Spend about 5 minutes focusing on your breath and feeling rooted to Earth.


2. Connect with the Universe

After you’ve grounded your energy, visualize the energy traveling up your chakras out the top of your head.

Visualize a white orb of light and being immersed in that light.

Let your consciousness travel up with that light past the clouds, the planets and stars, and into a bright white light.

From here you are in the Theta State.


3. Make an Intention

From the Theta state, you want to make an intention for the meditation.

I do this for any meditation I participate in, in order to give my subconscious and conscious mind a direction and goal for the meditation to proceed with.

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For this particular meditation, you could say something like:

“It is commanded that this meditation be performed in the highest and best way. Let it bring me self-love, worth and improved self-image. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

Side note: You want to repeat any affirmation, thank you or gratitude statement 3 times!


4. Focus on Your Solar Plexus.

Allow yourself to feel the energy coming through to your upper abdomen.

This is the energy center for self-love, self-worth, and confidence!

You will know the energy is directed to your solar plexus chakra when you feel a warmth or tingling in that area.

To increase the connection, visualize the color yellow!

Not only does yellow deal with confidence, but it is also associated with happiness and joy, which helps raise your vibration.

I also suggest starting to perform Chakra Balancing meditations in order to connect and balance each chakra faster!

Pro Tip: Incorporate crystals into your meditation!

Orange Calcite, Sunstone and — are all great crystals to add for confidence and worth!

Buy them here!


5. Visualize Your Younger Self!

This is an incredible visualization act that helps to build self-confidence and self-esteem!

Visualize seeing yourself as a small child.

Ask the younger version of you what is wrong, and wait for an answer.

Give yourself space to allow your younger self to come through!

Now speak to your younger self as if you were their parent!

How does it feel to hear your younger self hate themselves?

Allow yourself to be with your emotions!


Visualize Your Triggers

This one is even more challenging and emotional than the first part of this meditation!

Bring to mind those people who triggered you!

Those who put you down and made you feel small and unworthy!

Now imagine them as small children!

Try and visualize what they may have gone through as a child in order to be driven to hurt you as an adult!

Then, with the younger version of these people still in your mind, repeat the following statements until you no longer feel affected by them!

“I’m sorry”

“I forgive you”

“Thank you”

“I love you”

This is actually a ho’oponopono meditation technique on forgiveness.

(yes, this is a real form of meditation that is highly practiced!)

Forgiveness is extremely important when improving your self-love.

Through this visualization process, you can understand that other people aren’t hurting you for fun, but from their own trauma and limiting beliefs that you know nothing about!

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This brings your awareness to the perspective of that small child that just needs love!


Visualize the Current YOU

This one is the hardest of all visualizations for this meditation.

To start off, start naming all the things you love about yourself.

Without feeling guilty, cocky or judged, name qualities that you truly love about yourself.

Now focus on the qualities you DON’T like about you!

Tell yourself in your mind’s eye WHY you should love them right now!

Next, you will once again repeat the ho’oponopono meditation chants, but while visualizing yourself in the present.

“I’m sorry”

“I forgive you”

“Thank you”

“I love you”

Repeat this while now focusing on your heart center. Feel the gratitude and love for yourself, just the way you are!


6. Complete the meditation

After you have visualized yourself, allow yourself to sit with your thoughts and emotions for another 10 minutes.

Once that is done, then bring your consciousness back up to the bright white light!

Rinse yourself off in that white light, say thank you again three times, and slowly bring your consciousness back down.

Past the planets and stars, into the earth, through the clouds, through the roof of the building you are in, into the top of your head, and down through the chakras into the ground.

Feel yourself once again ground to earth, then when you’re ready, you can open your eyes!

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Try this meditation out for a month to improve how you feel about yourself

Sending love and magic,

EMs Path

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