Give a Shit Jar

During this lifetime, you will experience different roadblocks, obstacles, and downright upsetting events that cause you to have make decisions. You weigh out the options, decide what would be best for you, and go from there.

However, for some, including my former self, sometimes those long, thought out options, are over the simplest of choices. Whether to drink almond or soy milk, to walk or bus, to take that job offer or not.

If you’re like me, and you notice that your mind has a hard time making decisions, and then read on, because this secret trick WILL HELP!

It’s called, the Give a Shit Jar!

For my parents reading this (excuse my language)!

The Give a Shit Jar is a simple and effective process to help you in the beginning stages of personal growth and self awareness.

When you are beginning your spiritual awakening, you go through MANY, MANY small initiations, as you are unveiling your true soul self.  One of those is realizing that your energy and time is better spent on things you enjoy.

You no longer find joy in the things you once loved, and you begin to overanalyze why you may not want to partake in a certain act, or attend a certain event, as your old and new self have a battle over who will win.

If you haven’t read my post yet about how to change your life in 5 seconds, read it here!

To give a small recap, it talks about how your subconscious mind has only 5 seconds to make a decision before your conscious mind takes over and begins to over think.

Through the GIVE A SHIT JAR, you are able to PHYSICALLY make a decision, so you allow your conscious mind to see that it has lost the battle and you are making a choice based on what you soul wants, not your ego!

The concept is pretty simple

Have 2 Jars!

  1. Label one: “Give a Shit” and the other: “No Shits Given”

Use a coin, rock, or any small object as your choice indicator

Every time you have to make a decision you are not sure about, stand in front of the 2 labeled jars, close your eyes, and say out loud the question you need clarity on.

Then open your eyes, and immediately drop the coin, rock or whatever else you choose to use, into one of the jars.

Example 1: Say your friends want to go out to dinner and a club

The old thought process of handling this situation may look something like this:

“I don’t want to go to a club, but I haven’t seen my friends in a while so maybe I should take one for the team, but I know we always get home late and it ruins my mood, but everyone will be angry if I don’t come so maybe I should for a couple of hours, but then I’ll have to uber home alone which makes me uncomfortable, so maybe I won’t go…” and this goes on and on and on, until you are uncertain what to do.

The new process of handing this may go something like this:

“Do I really want to go to the club?” opens eyes, automatically and almost involuntarily drops the rock into the NO SHITS GIVEN JAR.   Your subconscious mind made a decision within 5 seconds before the conscious could make its own imaginary scenario and drive you crazy.