Empaths Guide to: Practicing Self-Love

Love is in the air!

All around me I see people getting engaged, pairing up, starting a family, and ultimately, living in the state of euphoria.

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However, what exactly is this desired emotion?

The dictionary’s definition of love is: an intense feeling of deep affection, a great interest in something, or sexual attachment to something or someone.

However, we fail to understand just how powerful this state is!

Love is more than a feeling, and it controls more than just our relationship status.

Love affects us in so many ways.

Love is the driving force that governs:

  1. The Law of Attraction

  2. Healing

  3. Theta Healing

  4. Energy Balance

  5. Clairvoyant abilities

  6. and so much more

Love is the highest vibrational frequency and is the frequency in which you are able to manifest and heal.

Check out Why Everyone Needs A Symbol of Love!

This feeling is what helps to ground you and helps to connect with your soul and with the Divine.

Empaths feel a lot deeper than most people, and because of this, feel the affection from others a lot deeper too!

Empaths can feel when others are living with a sad heart, when there was just a fight, or when someone is trying to take advantage of another.

The hardest part for empaths is to realize that your power can also be your curse.

Empaths sometimes give others so much that they don’t know the power of loving themselves.

You focus your energy on healing others because that is what your soul purpose is.

You try and heal those who are hurting, save those who are lost and love those who need it most.

But what about Empaths? Where is the love for Empaths?

As an empath, your deep feelings and emotions are usually directed towards others, when really you need to focus that on yourselves.

There are many ways for an empath to embrace self-love, and here are just a few:

  1. Spend time alone: to recharge and ground yourself

  2. Allow yourself to be vulnerable: and for others to help and show affection to you

  3. Meditate: to connect with your higher self (Check out this amazing course to Start Meditating today!)

  4. Date yourself: whether dinner, movie, going to your favourite coffee shop

  5. Eat soul fueling foods: bone broth, dark chocolate, organic meats, collagen, maca, turmeric. (check out my 5 Products that Enhance Spiritual Development)

  6. Journal about how you’re feeling: release the emotions and feelings towards others by letting them out (Read here about the 5 Superpowers of Journaling for Manifesting)

  7. Name 3 things: you admire about yourself every day! Repeat it all day long! (Check out my Affirmation/Mantra Guidebook for the best Love, Money, and Health affirmations)

  8. Set boundaries: know when you need to be alone, and how to say NO!

  9. Heal from your own issues: Seek out others who can help you deal with your internal conflicts to better express your feelings for yourself and others. A great start would be Theta Healing.

Empaths have a very easy time reading the feelings of others, and do all they can to heal those around them.

However, we have a hard time understanding and expressing our own emotions.

For this reason, it is important to learn how to practice self-love, to put yourselves first, and to feel your own emotions so you can better feel others.

Take the time to add 1-2 of these loving habits into your day, to learn to love yourself, and others.

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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