Empaths Guide to: Cleansing Negative Energy

Empaths feel everything deeply, and because of that, can pick up on negative energy. It is important for Empaths to cleanse negative people, places and things in order to be at peace.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt something was off? A weird feeling that there was just a fight and people are on edge.

Have you ever spoke with someone and when you walked away you felt frustrated, discouraged or less enthusiastic than when you went into the conversation?

These are just some of the few examples of times when negative energy can affect an empath.

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Empaths are in tune with their own energy know when positive energy, switches to negative.

If, however, you are disconnected from your own energy, you will have a hard time determining exactly what negative energy is.

The major problem with this negative energy is that if not cleansed, can fog up your thoughts, shadow your soul and create an atmosphere that seems doomed to you without knowledge of to why.

Cleansing negative energy is important for Empaths especially because the feelings and emotions that other people experience is multiplied for them.

If surrounded by negative energy for too long, Empaths can become:

  1. ungrounded

  2. isolated

  3. depressed

  4. sick

  5. unstable

  6. irritated

  7. fatigued

  8. unmotivated

  9. and more…

There are 3 major areas in your life that need to be Cleansed of Negative Energy

#1. Energy Vampires

You call them friends, family, co-workers, and energy vampires.

Those few select people from your circle that leave you drained, tired, and in a terrible mood.

They don’t consciously try to ruin your day, but the negative energy they give off latches onto the positive energy you give out, and in turn, brings you to the dark side.

These energy vampires suck your positive energy, and the ending is not as pretty as the movie Twilight makes it out.

There is no love story or a happy ending, there is a lack of energy, frustration, and disappointment.

Keep this mental checklist when you talk to people and see if you’re speaking with an energy vampire:

+ How do I feel upon going into this conversation?

+ Do they use language to bring themselves, you, or someone else down?

+ Are they smiling or frowning when you speak to them?

+ Do you LIKE speaking with them?

+ When you leave how do you feel? Sad, Enlightened, like you wasted time, wishing you could have kept that conversation going for hours?

When you mentally go through the list regarding someone else’s energy, you can determine what energy they give off and whether they are taking part of yours when you leave them.

As an Empath, it is important to run through this checklist with everyone you meet to determine if you need to cleanse the negative energy.

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The more you practice, the faster you will be able to determine the difference between loving energy and energy vampires.

It is at that point where you remove yourself from the presence of such energy vampires, and ground your own energy.

As an Empath myself, I always keep Black Tourmaline with me!

This amazing crystal protects you from negative energy!

Check out this amazing Empaths Crystal Kit to help protect you from negative people, places and things!

#2 House

Your house is supposed to be your home, your safe space, your haven to escape the outside world and enjoy your life behind closed doors.

However, when that space becomes filled with negative energy, you no longer feel at place in your own home and become irritated with everything and everyone in that home.

Negative energy can remain in your house and can be stronger from one room to another.

This is because of the negative or positive energy that was given off from you and others in that room.

Have you ever walked into a babies room and though, “hhmm….this is just a terrible room, with a screaming baby, toys everywhere, just a mess.”


Why is that?

People have such positive energy and thoughts revolving around babies that the energy in the room is calm, loving, filled with endless possibilities.

Now compare that to a room, say the kitchen, in which a couple has had multiple fights over money issues.

There is no longer an uplifting feeling in that room, but the memories of those fights, the anticipations of more, and the negative thought around that person and the situations that have occurred in that room.

These are the negative energies that linger in the room without conscious awareness of it.

Since everything is energy, everything; even inadament objects; such as a couch or kitchen sink, can absorb and give off that energy which it is close quarters to.

An amazing way to determine which room in your house is filled with negative energy is to test it out. This is a great post about a test to determine which room in your home or workspace is filled with negative energy.

I process all Empaths should practice is cleansing the negative energy in a room!

Whether workplace, bedroom, or friends house, an Empath should cleanse a room they spend a large amount of time in.

Once a month I cleanse my room and my house, to reset the energy and bring in positive and hopeful energy.

#3 Your Actions and Words

Just like others can be energy vampires to you, you yourself can be an energy vampire to yourself.

When you think about yourself, can you name 10 things you love about yourself without thinking too long?

Can you recall the last time you wholeheartedly took a compliment without belittling yourself in the process?

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Your thoughts and words about yourselves can create negative energy in your soul and aura, and that can travel with you throughout your lives.

I’m a huge people watcher, and when I used to take the subway to work I would like to watch how others hold themselves.

In a matter of 10 seconds, I can not only tell the energy of a person.

In addition, because of my Empath abilities, I can also determine the self-worth they have on themselves.

The way someone carries themselves or speaks about themselves says a lot about the energy they carry with them.

Ask yourself this

How many times a day do you:

+ Say or think something negative about your appearance

+ ACTUALLY take a compliment from someone?

+ Display jealousy over something someone else has?

+Speak negatively about someone else, or a situation you’re in?

If the answer is anything more than 5/day than you have negative energy around you every day.

You may not even realize it’s happening but the more you talk negative about yourself and even others, the more your mood will shift.

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Your health and relationships with falter and you will become the energy vampire you’ve been trying to avoid.

There are many ways in which to cleanse any of these negative energies that linger in your life.

My favourite is through Sage!

I light a bundle of sage, and waft it in a clockwise motion around my room, house, or person, and send out the energy of love and light, and repeat the affirmation to myself of “I release the energy that no longer serves me!”

This process is quick, effective, and of so grounding!

However, no matter how much you cleanse your outer world, your inner world needs to be cleansed first!

Check out my post on 4 Easy ways to Meditate For Beginners, to clear your mind from those negative thoughts and work on creating that positive energy from the inside out.

Do you have negative energy in your life?

Grateful for Today,


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