Empaths Guide to: Cleansing Negative Energy

Empaths feel everything deeply, and because of that, can pick up on negative energy. It is important for Empaths to cleanse negative people, places and things in order to be at peace.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt something was off? A weird feeling that there was just a fight and people are on edge.

Have you ever spoke with someone and when you walked away you felt frustrated, discouraged or less enthusiastic than when you went into the conversation?

These are just some of the few examples of times when negative energy can affect an empath.

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Empaths are in tune with their own energy know when positive energy, switches to negative.

If, however, you are disconnected from your own energy, you will have a hard time determining exactly what negative energy is.

The major problem with this negative energy is that if not cleansed, can fog up your thoughts, shadow your soul and create an atmosphere that seems doomed to you without knowledge of to why.

Cleansing negative energy is important for Empaths especially because the feelings and emotions that other people experience is multiplied for them.

If surrounded by negative energy for too long, Empaths can become:

  1. ungrounded

  2. isolated

  3. depressed

  4. sick

  5. unstable

  6. irritated

  7. fatigued

  8. unmotivated

  9. and more…

There are 3 major areas in your life that need to be Cleansed of Negative Energy

#1. Energy Vampires

You call them friends, family, co-workers, and energy vampires.

Those few select people from your circle that leave you drained, tired, and in a terrible mood.

They don’t consciously try to ruin your day, but the negative energy they give off latches onto the positive energy you give out, and in turn, brings you to the dark side.

These energy vampires suck your positive energy, and the ending is not as pretty as the movie Twilight makes it out.

There is no love story or a happy ending, there is a lack of energy, frustration, and disappointment.

Keep this mental checklist when you talk to people and see if you’re speaking with an energy vampire:

+ How do I feel upon going into this conversation?

+ Do they use language to bring themselves, you, or someone else down?

+ Are they smiling or frowning when you speak to them?

+ Do you LIKE speaking with them?