Are Your Limiting Beliefs Keeping You Sick?

Just how powerful are your limiting beliefs?

There are 7.7 billion people in the world, and out of those people, 2.3 billion people have some sort of sickness or ailments.

A large percentage of those sick have an illness or disease that runs in the family.

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We live in a world more advanced than any other time period, with numerous forms of healing.

Yet, now more than ever we have an increasingly large number of people who are sick or developing diseases.

Yes, I know there are a lot more people on the planet and you could argue that it is challenging to keep up with the high demand of people needing resources and help in relation to the resources we actually have available to heal.

I am here to pop that belief bubble.

It is that belief in itself that is accelerating the large number of sick or ill individuals on this planet.

You are constantly being told that you can’t eat this, or participate in that activity with the fear of catching a disease.

Doctors ask you about your medical history and give you questionnaires to dig deep into your health history.

Heck, even when looking for a potential partner in life you screen them to determine if they are “healthy” enough for your standards.

All this talk of illness reinforces us to become ill.

It seems like a joke when in reality, it’s actually a sick, twisted game that society is playing with you, whether consciously or not.

Now, the real question is, what can you do about changing these limiting beliefs?

When you are surrounded by family members telling you their history of diabetes or cancer in the family, how do you stop that possibility of developing the same illnesses from becoming a reality?

In addition to the obvious “eat healthily and live an active lifestyle”, there is something much more important than that.


Change your beliefs about it!

Now I forgot to mention this at the beginning of my post, but everything is energy.

What we listen to, eat, participate in, is all energy.

The mind itself holds so much energy that it is in fact quite possible to change what happens in your physical body (your life here on earth), just by changing the energy released from your mind.

Check out my Theta Healing services and all that is has to offer in assisting in changing those beliefs to welcome abundance and health into your life.

For those of you who are new to my blog and are not too sure about all the lingo surrounding theta healing and energy, let me break it down in the simplest terms.

Think of your limiting beliefs as a light switch.

Every day as you enter a room, you consciously have the choice to turn on the light switch to see your room as you’ve always seen it.

You know what to expect, and know that nothing will be changed or out of place.

Now imagine instead of light, that switch feeds you energy.

This energy consists of the vibration of avoidance of sickness, others beliefs, and the inevitable “set in stone” dull future.

When you turn on this light switch, you are now absorbing all that negative energy. This causes you to think about everything that you are trying to avoid.

This may include the fear of having a lack of something such as

  1. money

  2. health

  3. relationships

  4. success

  5. abundance

  6. freedom

In turn, these thoughts cause everything that enters your life to be of the same frequency.

Based on the Law of Attraction, you attract that which you give out!

So having that light switch on to the frequency of negativity can ONLY ATTRACT THAT WHICH YOU DON’T WANT.

But what if you didn’t turn the lights on?

If you keep that light switch off, you allow yourself to blindly enter into a room full of possibilities.

The room may be filled with sharp objects that could hurt you, a garden of beautiful flowers and herbs, or (my personal preference), a room full of puppies.

When you leave that light off you are cutting off the energetic supply towards the thought that you WILL get sick because you are now able to think about all the other possibilities you have available to you.

You block that possibility, and therefore, you start off your life on a clean slate.

So what if diabetes runs in your family. It is YOUR choice if you decide to get it!

By turning on that switch of energy towards accepting that belief, you, in turn, tell your cells to welcome that disease or illness with open arms, as it is expected to be there.

Keep that switch off, and you keep illness, suffering and your limiting beliefs at bay!

One of my favourite ways to help with that “light switch” belief work is through affirmations.

Affirmations allow a repetitive phrase to slowly but surely making its way into your subconscious mind.

Just like the affirmation of “I will get diabetes because my dad had it”, you can consciously telling yourself that “I am healthy and vibrant in all areas of my life NOW”, and therefore, it will be.

Start by doing an evaluation of your daily dialogue with yourself and see if there are limiting beliefs there.

How often do you mention anything vibrating on the frequency of scarcity, lack, fear or sickness?

By knowing the areas that are weaker for you in terms of negative speech, change those by writing out an affirmation that is vibrating on the frequency of love, gratitude, happiness, and abundance.


Check out my Affirmations and Mantra Guidebook for assistance in choosing the right affirmations for your needs.

Another way to help with reinforcing positivity and health is through crystals.

Each crystal vibrates on a certain frequency. This frequency can promote health, love, abundance, success, and even sobriety.

One of my favourite places to purchase crystals is through Energy Muse.

Their health and healing crystals and jewelry help promote health and vitality, not to mention look absolutely gorgeous.

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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