7 Easy Ways to Meditate When You’re “Too Busy”

Meditation is a huge aspect of my life and my business. I meditate on everything, any time of day, and for various amounts of time.

I have tried to convince many people in my life to begin the practice of meditation, and I always seem to get the same response…

“There just isn’t enough time!”

“I’m so busy!”

“I forget!”

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Everything is energy.

I have started to add this one line to every blog post as a reminder to everyone of this important piece of information and to help people understand that most of my posts are about energy, and how when you balance your energy, everything else falls into place.

Aiming to meditate daily has numerous benefits, some of which  include:

  1. Better sleep

  2. Decreased stress

  3. Balance of emotions

  4. Increased focus and concentration

  5. Clarity

  6. Feel empowered

Read my blog post here about the 5 unknown benefits of meditation.

The problem that I know many people face is finding the time to incorporate meditation into their daily habit.

In no way am I saying that meditation is an easy practice to start. The benefits don’t show up as fast as the ones you may see if you start doing more physical activity.

You don’t develop brain freeze from your first time you meditate the same way you’d have sore muscles after your first workout.  You don’t have withdrawal symptoms like you would if you gave up sugar.

This can cause people to feel discouraged, to feel as though they are doing something wrong, or that meditation isn’t a practice that has any benefit to them.


The longer you consistently meditate, the faster and stronger the benefits will come to you!

However, there is still the issue of WHEN to incorporate this practice into your day.

Here is a list of the ways to incorporate meditation into your busy day:

1. Set an Alarm to Meditate

Just like you set alarms to wake up in the morning, set an alarm or reminder on your phone to meditate at a specific time every day!

Especially at the beginning of this addition to your routine, having a reminder is great to “not forget” or push it off until later.

Pick a time when you know you’ll be home, or when you will have enough time, and when that alarm goes off, sit your bum down and meditate.

Start with only 5 minutes and work your way towards increasing the length of time. The longer you meditate for the deeper into the meditation you can go.

2. First Thing in the Morning

Similar to point 1, meditation that is performed in the morning, I find, is the most effective.

When you go to sleep, your body, mind, and soul reset. All the issues from the day before are either whiped out or pushed into your subconscious mind.

Upon waking up, you have the CONSCIOUS choice to have a good or bad day.

The saying “got up on the wrong side of the bed” wasn’t created for any reason. It has some legitimate scientific and energetic credibility behind it!

When you meditate first thing after waking up, you are setting your mind, body, and soul up for a balanced and joyous day!

By creating that space for positive affirmations, grounding, and energetic healing, you are more resilient to what goes on the rest of the day.

Check out my post here of Money Making Affirmations

3. Guided Meditation

Most meditation done by advanced practitioners is practiced in silence.

This silence created a space to accept that which is around them, to tune out the outside noise and to become more resilient.

This can be hard for beginners, especially when they are unfamiliar with the process of grounding themselves, going deep within, and silencing all that surrounds them.

This is why guided meditation can be extremely beneficial for your meditation practice.

Guided meditation can be found on YouTube, podcasts, or even on audio devices such as Spotify or apple music.

An amazing course to take is Live or Dare. They have meditation courses built for beginners, advanced meditators, and even to help with sleep.

What I like best about the courses they offer is that they teach you how to do it on your own, unlike others, that condition participants to become dependant on the app to meditate.

Read all about Live or Dare course here!

4. Meditate Together

Another way to incorporate meditation into your daily routine is to have someone keep you accountable.

Joining a group meditation class or meditating with a loved one is an amazing way to increase your vibration and share your energy with others.

Meditating with others can increase the bond between yourself and them, as well as keep your practice in check.

Read here for the next upcoming class schedule for both Beginner and Chakra Meditation Classes in Toronto!

5. Make it a Plan

Everyone at some point has made a plan, with a friend, family, event, or business meeting. When you schedule something in your calendar you set the rest of your day around that plan.

A great way to start your meditation practice, especially when you’re new, is to make it a priority.

Put it in your calendar, make it a point that this has to be done at a specific time every day, or at some time after work if that is what’s best for you and stick with it.

This will allow you to schedule other activities around meditation, not the other way around.

6. Hire a Coach

I am a meditation coach, so I have a little bias here, but I know that is DOES help. Having someone guide you through the different types of mediation allows for a more diverse way of approaching it.

There are many techniques and tips to learn during meditation and not all of them require sitting crossed-legged on the floor.

Hiring a meditation coach can teach you the technique that works well for your lifestyle instead of having to conform to the typical way of meditating. If you’re interested in my services, click here.

7. Shower Time = Meditate Time

Now I HOPE you all are doing this, so this should be an easy one to try and add into an already set routine activity, but meditating in the shower is an amazing way to find the time during your busy schedule.

This type of meditation is different than sitting down, in silence, for 20 minutes.

You may not have that much free time to stand in the shower and go into a deep theta state of meditation.

However, what you can accomplish here is the sense of releasing all the negative energy from the day.

Mediating in the shower is an effective and powerful way to ground you from the stresses of the day.

Every night when I shower when the water is rushing over me, I say to myself “I release all the stress from today, I wash away all the energy that no longer serves me”.

Then actually feel the water washing away all the negative energy, the people that made you angry, the frustration or hurt you felt that day, and feel a sense of peace and calmness from the water.

This is an easy way to add meditation into your routine without having to stray too far away from your busy life.

These are my 7 top ways to add meditation into your daily routine, but I know there are many many more!

Let me know which are your favourite, and the different ways you incorporate meditation into your daily routine!

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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