7 Easy Ways to Meditate When You’re “Too Busy”

Meditation is a huge aspect of my life and my business. I meditate on everything, any time of day, and for various amounts of time.

I have tried to convince many people in my life to begin the practice of meditation, and I always seem to get the same response…

“There just isn’t enough time!”

“I’m so busy!”

“I forget!”

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Everything is energy.

I have started to add this one line to every blog post as a reminder to everyone of this important piece of information and to help people understand that most of my posts are about energy, and how when you balance your energy, everything else falls into place.

Aiming to meditate daily has numerous benefits, some of which  include:

  1. Better sleep

  2. Decreased stress

  3. Balance of emotions

  4. Increased focus and concentration

  5. Clarity

  6. Feel empowered

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The problem that I know many people face is finding the time to incorporate meditation into their daily habit.

In no way am I saying that meditation is an easy practice to start. The benefits don’t show up as fast as the ones you may see if you start doing more physical activity.

You don’t develop brain freeze from your first time you meditate the same way you’d have sore muscles after your first workout.  You don’t have withdrawal symptoms like you would if you gave up sugar.

This can cause people to feel discouraged, to feel as though they are doing something wrong, or that meditation isn’t a practice that has any benefit to them.


The longer you consistently meditate, the faster and stronger the benefits will come to you!

However, there is still the issue of WHEN to incorporate this practice into your day.

Here is a list of the ways to incorporate meditation into your busy day:

1. Set an Alarm to Meditate

Just like you set alarms to wake up in the morning, set an alarm or reminder on your phone to meditate at a specific time every day!

Especially at the beginning of this addition to your routine, having a reminder is great to “not forget” or push it off until later.