5 Ways to Make Yourself a Priority

Here are 5 ways to put yourself first, and to remain first on your priority list!

1. Make a Morning Routine

Whether it’s dancing around your house in your underwear for 10 minutes to lighten your mood, writing your gratitude list and intentions, reading a book with your morning coffee while watching the sunrise, create a morning routine you can love!

Most people HATE Monday mornings, but would you hate it so much when you looked forward to waking up in the morning, to having that time to do what YOU love, and making yourself a priority?

2. Meditate

We are all looking for ways to avoid what we don’t like. To avoid the hard days, the fights, the stress, the money and relationship issues.  We try and avoid our thoughts that seem to overwhelm us.  What if instead of running from our issues, we fought them head on… and won! If you practice silencing your thoughts, you can become more in tune with yourself and your emotions, and feel less out of control.

3. Spend 1 Hour a Day Doing Something for Yourself

We all seem to have time to watch the latest episode of Big Brother on TV, to spend an hour with our eyes glued to the screen, and yet we don’t seem to have 1 hour to spend on ourselves.  If you love to run, go for an hour-long run, and feel in the moment as the wind blows through your hair.  If you love to read, then read, read and read some more.  If you love photography, drive up north and take some pictures.  Do something that lights your soul on fire, and spend that time realizing you put yourself first, above everything else.

4. Practice Saying NO

Say no just because.  Say no because you feel tired, because it bores you, because you’d rather spend your time doing something else.  Say no because it doesn’t feel right and say no confidently.  Practice saying no to the kickboxing class your friend invited you too because she didn’t want to go alone.  Say no to that party that everyone was going to go to and was going to be the talk of the year.  Say no to the favour your friend asked you to do, because you know you have no time to complete it.  Say no because it feels good, and because you know you’re putting yourself first. Say no because you’re bumping yourself up on the priority list.

5. Keep Yourself Healthy

Health can mean a magnitude of things to different people, but either way, keeping your body and soul healthy is what will bring yourself up on the priority list.  Why do you feed your children veggies and fruit, while you eat fast food? Be the role models to those around you by proving to the world you put yourself on the top of the priority list.  If that means spending an hour at the gym to gain energy for the day, DO IT! If it means spending a little bit more on organic foods in order to fuel your body and feel great every day, DO IT! If it means spending the day at the spa, then DO IT! Keeping yourself healthy is the simplest way to make yourself a priority.

I hope you enjoy this super simple but extremely important list of ways to prioritize yourself NOW!

Grateful for today,

Ems Path

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