5 Struggles When Dating an Empath

As an Empath in a relationship, there are many different challenges that you go through compared to other relationships.

A relationship is defined as a way in which two or more concepts, objects or people are connected. It is a state of a connection.

Romantic relationships are the connection between two (or more) people while showing romantic gestures and deep trust.

As an Empath, there are certain characteristics and traits that affect this romantic relationship.


  • Are intuitive

  • Feel connected to another’s emotions

  • Experience mood swings

  • Are natural healers

  • Love deep and intensely

  • Overthink

  • Are negatively affected by watching violence or anger

  • Are drained by social interactions

  • Take on other people's energy

  • Attract narcissists

  • Are overwhelmed by crowds

  • Are highly sensory-sensitive

When an Empath is unaware of their personality traits they can feel a sense of being overwhelmed and exhausted.

Without the proper self-care practices an Empath can become a people pleaser, co-dependent, constantly energetically drained and feel lost.

If an Empath who is unaware and even aware of their personality traits enter a relationship, there can be struggles for power and connection.

As an aware Empath myself, I am very aware of the effects that other peoples energies have on me.

I am aware of the dangers of relationships, especially those who are narcissists; HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean it is easy to spot.

When you’re new in a relationship there is a learning curve for you and your partner.

You are familiarizing yourself with your habits, likes and dislikes, and triggers.

However, you are also slowly feeling a state of lust, not love.

This is one of the superpowers, and Achilles heels of an Empath.

This love comes over an Empath suddenly, and intensely.

They will pour their hearts out to their partners.

Not for the need of reciprocated feelings, but due to a pure overwhelming feeling of this love.

Empaths love wholeheartedly, deeply and intensely.

5 Struggles for Dating an Empath

Struggle #1

When you express your love for another, as early as Empaths usually do, this can be overwhelming for the partner to hear.

The Empath, whether aware or not, is very in tune with their feelings.

They know what feels good and what doesn’t.

Struggle #2

Dating a narcissist!

If you happen to attract a narcissist, as most Empaths do, you end up in a power struggle with your partner.

Your natural ability to listen is attracted to the narcissist radiating energy of “poor me!”

Without proper boundaries, this narcissist can take advantage of Empaths love and affection.

Without your knowledge, your partner may begin to take your kindness for granted.

Struggle #3!


Empaths have a need to be liked!

This is a defense mechanism for us!

Empaths need to be liked because of their intuitive ability to feel others’ energy and emotions.

When someone is in a bad mood, negative, or showing dislike to an Empath, they FEEL this person's emotions so much that it can physically affect the Empath.

There have been times when I’ve been around negative people that I spend the rest of the day in bed with a headache and stomach ache.

I know now that this physical illness was due to the emotions of the other being sucked in by me!

In a romantic relationship, the need to please can be even greater in the fear that your partner will be angry, or leave you if you can’t make them happy!

Struggle #4!


When an Empath enters a relationship, they become immersed in the other person.

Their feelings, life, troubles, and successes become the Empaths!

An Empath will thrive off of their partner’s happiness.

However, if entering a relationship, especially with a narcissist, an Empath has the ability to rely on the other person for their happiness.

We Empaths follow the breadcrumbs of happiness.

When we find that in another person it is rare, and sometimes we can get caught up with the other person that we forget the happiness we have with ourselves.

Struggle #5!


You wouldn’t believe how many times people have said this to me!

I cry at least twice a week.

Violent movies make me cry, being energetically overwhelmed makes me cry, and certain words from my partner make me cry.

To others, and even from your own partner, you may be perceived as being too sensitive.

This can cause more trouble in the romantic relationship as the partner doesn’t have an understanding of the energetic sensitivity an Empath has.

Empaths can feel thoughts and emotions before their partner expresses them!

This can cause overthinking and more sensitivity for the Empath, they know something isn’t right, but their partner hasn’t communicated that to them yet.

Empaths can thrive in a relationship if the proper tools and practices are put into place to allow open communication and awareness of their gifts.

Let me know in the comments any other struggles you face as an Empath in a relationship

With Love & Magic,

EMs Path