5 Struggles When Dating an Empath

As an Empath in a relationship, there are many different challenges that you go through compared to other relationships.

A relationship is defined as a way in which two or more concepts, objects or people are connected. It is a state of a connection.

Romantic relationships are the connection between two (or more) people while showing romantic gestures and deep trust.

As an Empath, there are certain characteristics and traits that affect this romantic relationship.


  • Are intuitive

  • Feel connected to another’s emotions

  • Experience mood swings

  • Are natural healers

  • Love deep and intensely

  • Overthink

  • Are negatively affected by watching violence or anger

  • Are drained by social interactions

  • Take on other people's energy

  • Attract narcissists

  • Are overwhelmed by crowds

  • Are highly sensory-sensitive

When an Empath is unaware of their personality traits they can feel a sense of being overwhelmed and exhausted.

Without the proper self-care practices an Empath can become a people pleaser, co-dependent, constantly energetically drained and feel lost.

If an Empath who is unaware and even aware of their personality traits enter a relationship, there can be struggles for power and connection.