5 Steps to Becoming an Empowered Empath

Empaths are true spiritual warriors.

They are beings of light that have come to this earth to help awaken and heal others who are still “asleep”.

Empaths host numerous abilities due to their hypersensitivity.

However, due to their hypersensitivity, Empaths can also suffer greatly when unaware of their true purpose.

Without honouring the gifts and abilities that an Empath embodies, there can be issues in relationships, people-pleasing, and digestive issues.

Becoming an Empowered Empath is the only way to shine your light and spread love and healing throughout the world.

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The 5 Steps to Becoming an Empowered Empath

1. Awareness

Awareness is one of the fundamental elements of the spiritual awakening process.

Everything starts with awareness.

Awareness of your breath, awareness through meditation, and awareness of your true gifts.

Becoming aware of your empathetic gifts is vital for embracing, using and honouring your gifts.

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One of the major issues for Empaths is their lack of awareness that they are in fact an Empath.

Speaking as an Empath that grew up in a typical, physical-based, normality forming household, there was very little talk of feelings, emotions, and spirituality.

This resulted in feelings of over-sensitivity, confusion and a sense of loss throughout my childhood and adolescence.

Only once I became aware of what exactly an Empath was, and the strength of my unique abilities was I able to take the steps toward becoming Empowered.

One of the most powerful practices to heightening this awareness is through the RAIN Technique.

Rain stands for:

R: Recognize

A: Accept

I: Investigate

N: Non-Resistant

This mindfulness technique is an extremely valuable practice when becoming aware of your gifts.

When I first explored my Empath essence, I would use this technique as little as 20 times a day.

From having zero sense of awareness, it can become challenging to perceive and sense just where your abilities are kicking in.

However, through this technique, you can quietly observe, before you can react.

If you’re put in a situation where you are “feeling” a sense that someone is lying (which is one of the most common traits of an Empath), before acting on anything, STOP.

R: recognize what is going on.

- Become aware of where you’re “feeling” this. Which of your senses are indicating someone is lying. Recognize whether or not you're picking up on body signals, or whether you intuitively just KNOW someone isn’t right.

A: Accept. Accept that this is your reality.

- Don’t try and prove to someone they are wrong, or that you are right. Just observe what is going on, and what energy you're picking up, without the need to control it.

I: Investigate the situation.

In normal mindfulness practice, you are trying to investigate why you feel a certain emotion. When using this technique to become an Empowered Empath, investigate how this is possible. Investigate whether you are feeling things, words, and actions more than others. Investigate the feelings in your body, the energy you’re picking up from others, and the TRUTHS that seem to remain unsaid.

N: Non-Resistant.

When using this mindfulness technique, the N represents Non-identification. However, for this technique, identification with the Empath abilities are desired, and therefore, N represents non-resistant.

The surrendering to the true gifts and abilities that are part of your Empathic essence is a crucial element of blossoming into an Empowered Empath.

Instead of trying to shut out those inner voices, that gut feeling, an inner knowing that something isn't true, melt into that feeling, and true awareness.

2. Knowledge

They say knowledge is key. In this case, knowledge is the key to becoming an Empowered Empath.

This process of becoming an Empowered Empath is like a school for your inner soul.

It is through studying, testing, assignments, and deep understanding that you can graduate, and thrive as an Empath.

Similar to mathematics, chemistry, and art, learning about the qualities, psychic abilities and spiritual powers of an Empath creates that connection to your soul.

Knowledge can be found within every breath and moment.

Just the knowledge that there is something deeper within your soul that needs to be explored propels you forward to learn more.

There are many popular avenues one can venture on their search for more awareness of being an Empath.

a) Gaia

Gaia is an amazing media platform that hosts endless videos, documentaries, and rituals that embody spirituality as a whole.

There are over 8,000 videos all tailored to energy healing, meditation/yoga, neuroscience, mindfulness, and Empaths.

Exploring different views and experiences of what means to embody the Empathic nature allows a connection and realization of similarities that were once overlooked.

In order to become the best at something, there needs to be constantly

learning and comprehension of the facets of their existence.

Think of Gaia as your Empath 101 headquarters of endless knowledge.

Watch the FREE Gaia episode here!

b) Books

I am an old soul, so I always recommend reading books to others.

There is something about the smell of a new book or the nostalgia of reading fantasy stories as a child that connects me to the importance of reading to gain knowledge.

Reading books such as the ones below empower you to understand your weaknesses, strengths, triggers, and gifts.

Only understanding and continuous learning are testaments to a true Empowered Empath.

c) Other Empaths

One of my favourite ways to gain more knowledge of how to become an Empowered Empath is through connecting with other Empaths.

Every student has a master.

Majority of the time their master is someone far more advanced in their practice.

Empowered Empaths have an obligation to help others connect with their souls, and regain their power.

This is why Empaths tend to draw toward them those who are starting their spiritual awakening, or require your assistance to do so.

Seeking other Empaths through Pinterest ems_path, or Instagram @ems_path, are amazing places to start your connections, and claim your abilities!

3. Trial and Error

Such as with anything in life, there is trial and error in everything that is perfected.

The majority of the time, there are more errors than successes in the creation process.

If Edison discovered 1000 ways to NOT make a light bulb, how do you expect an Empowered Empath to be manifested in 1 try?

It may take months, even years before you can truly exhibit the qualities of an Empowered Empath.

It all depends on how much focus and attention is placed on your growth and metamorphosis.

With regards to becoming an Empowered Empath, placing this new knowledge of your intuitive gifts into practice is necessary for growth.

There are some Empaths that are EXTREMELY sensitive to loud sounds and large crowds.

Testing out these limits, triggers, and heightened sensitivity allows greater protection when undesirable situations arise.

This knowledge also initiates the fascination to discover more about who you are and what Empath abilities you uniquely host.

Every Empath is different, with their own profound sensitivity and intuitive gifts.

Creating a list of YOUR most powerful abilities, whether it includes speaking to animals, being a human lie detector, or even mastering clairvoyance, is unique to your purpose as an Empath on this planet.

The most important thing is that you don’t stop applying that knowledge, testing your newly formed habits a

nd rituals to honour the abilities you possess.

4. Protection

Think of an Empath as a spiritual warrior.

Every day they enter into battle with the aim to heal, love, and awaken others.

However, like every battle, there is always resistance.

This resistance doesn’t come in the form of physical weapons and artillery but in the form of energetic destruction.

Everything is energy, and one of the most common abilities of an Empath (whether empowered or not) is to FEEL the emotions of others with such a high degree of intensity.

Without the proper energetic protection, there can be numerous issues including:

  • Unhealthy relationships

  • Illness/sickness (especially with digestive issues)

  • Emotional instability

  • A sense of loss

  • Depression/anxiety

Just like a knight going into battle with his suit of armour, Empaths require a suit of energetic armour in order to continue to thrive, and transform into the beautiful and powerful Spiritual creation they were meant to be.

Think of this protection as an invisible cloak of positive and loving energy that occupies the Empath inside.

Without this protection, the Empath has no way to protect those situations and people who are at a lower vibration to them.

Empaths, due to their infinite light source energy, attract lower vibrational humans into their life.

Similar to attracting a moth to a flame, Empaths light energy attracts all those who are also in search of this light.

Without that invisible cloak of love, the Empath can be drained of their light in order to “help” another feel loved.

It takes numerous tries before Protecting Your Energy/Gaining Your Strength:

a) Against narcissist

Based on the Law of Polarity, Narcissists are the polar opposite of Empaths.

Narcissists are like energy vampires, void of the ability to express empathy and in deep inner urgency for others to help them.

Enter an Empath, whose inner understanding of their purpose is to help others, and the Narcissist sees this as their easiest prey.

Entering into a relationship with a narcissist, without the proper protection, will most likely always result in the destruction of the Empath.

Even the most Empowered Empath can be blindsided by a Narcissist, and become once again disEmpowered.

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One of the most important techniques for protecting your energy is through:

  • Recording

Keep a log of the situations, feelings, and energetic sensitivities that come up in relation to others in your life.

If you suspect that you are in a relationship with a narcissist; whether platonic or not, then start making a list of the “warning signs” that your empathic self is conveying to you.

  • Set your boundaries

Healthy boundaries are important for anyone, in any relationship, regardless of their Empath abilities or not.

However, Empaths ESPECIALLY need to implement and stick to creating healthy boundaries.

These healthy boundaries not only help protect your energetic space but can also be a CLEAR indication if you’ve encountered a narcissist if these boundaries feel neglected.

The more you stand your ground, and be firm on what is needed for you to remain balanced and thriving, the faster you awaken that true Empowered Empath in you.

  • Meditation

Meditation is, and forever will be my go-to practice for spiritual awareness.

Meditation, when done properly, can help you connect with your Empathetic self, awaken the true alchemist in you, and empower you to create the life you desire.

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Meditation also has a profound ability to create the invisible cloak of love that Empaths require.

This simple meditation practice of envisioning a cloak, sheet, or bubble of light around you can create a safe space for you to encounter the world, and narcissists, without fear of being purged of your own light.

Meditation creates a space for your RAIN technique.

Through the silence of the physical 5 senses, you open up the portal for communication with your 6th, or intuitive sense that will help you determine what boundaries, abilities, and triggers you need to overcome and harness in order to become an Empowered Empath.

  • Trust Your Feelings

The most powerful ammunition an Empath has over lower vibrational masses is through their ability to hone in on creating an intense connection to their solar plexus, or power center.

This power center is where the majority of Empaths retain their intuitive knowing.

That “gut feeling” is located in the solar plexus.

Honouring the solar plexus, and trusting the feelings, whether in alignment with your highest path or not, is important for growth.

The more you trust this intuitive knowing, the more you can harness and use your gifts for the highest good of yourself and others.

5. Using Your Gifts

The last step to becoming an Empowered Empath is through the use of your unique gifts.

Some people are meant to grow up to be scientists, activists, doctors, and teachers, Empaths are meant to help others.

If you’re an Empath, you may already feel this intuitive knowing that your purpose here is to help others in any way you can.

Maybe you’re in the line of work where you are physically helping people, in a way a doctor or veterinarian does. Maybe you’re more drawn to teaching others the way to awaken their soul; often seen through energy healing.

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There are many avenues for Empaths to use their gifts.

As stated before, every Empath is on their own path, so what may be a true calling for someone may not be for another.

Ways to Use Your Gift

  • Manifesting

Many Empowered Empaths have a strong ability to manifest.

This is due to their solid connection to their power center (solar plexus Chakra).

This power center in combination with their open Third Eye Chakra (which is where intuition and psychic abilities are awakened) leads them to follow the path to their highest good.

Test out how well your manifesting skills are through weekly manifesting practices

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  • Healer

Healers are an Empaths true calling.

Empaths have a deep desire to help others, and for that reason are drawn to the occupations related to healing others.

Many energy healers are also Empaths, and this is their greatest superpower.

There are many forms of energy healing that an Empath can explore, and once again, it is all based on what intuitively resonates with your purpose.

Theta Healing



Chakra Healing

Crystal Healing



Quantum Healing

Sound Therapy

And more

Check out Soul Alignment Coaching in order to receive all this healing in one program!

The main goal is to find an avenue that speaks to you, and where you feel your work is in line with your soul purpose

  • Lightworker

There are very few lightworkers in the world, that if you are lucky enough to be one yourself, that is a true gift.

Lightworkers are a special kind of soul who devotes their life to bringing light into the world.

Only those who are awake are able to be lightworkers, as they truly understand the implications of even the smallest acts of kindness.

Lightworkers are those extraordinary souls who can see past the veil of this materialistic world, and witness the true beauty of others.

Some Empaths are in fact true lightworkers, and this means that their spiritual connection to not only themselves but others, is highly influential.

This is an AMAZING book that will divulge the true essence of a lightworker, and add to the knowledge an Empath can use to connect with their lightworker being

  • Psychic/Medium

Psychics and Mediums are intuitive individuals who are able to harness and tune into their connection with their 6th sense and other dimensions/realms of our Universe.

Psychics are those who harness their 6th Chakra (Third Eye) and exhibit extraordinary clairvoyance or other Clair abilities.

Mediums have the interesting ability to channel other entities, usually ones that have passed over from this physical world to another.

Their gifts are best used for helping others with completion or acceptance from the loss of loved ones.

Now when an Empath truly becomes Empowered, their other intuitive senses, including clairvoyance and mediumship are strengthened.

Not every Empath chooses to become psychic, and with everything else, it involves practice.

However, with these abilities, Empaths are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Transforming into an Empowered Empath takes awareness, knowledge, patience, and a sense of surrender to your new role in this world.

Empaths are true spiritual warriors, and when you can honour the Empath in you, that is when you are in alignment with your true purpose, and where your gifts remain!

With Love & Magic,

EMs Path

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