5 Signs from the Universe

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OHHH THE SIGNS! The stop signs, the yield signs, the construction signs.

BRIGHT, EXTREMELY obvious signs that we see every day that NO one ever misses.

Why is it SO easy to see these signs, yet any time the universe (the reason for our existence on this planet) provides us with signs, we miss them as if we are walking around blindfolded.

We call them superstitions, karma, coincidence, dumb luck, or any other term to steer away from the possibility that these experiences are SIGNS from the universe.

Now I WISH the universe could place signs in front of us like the city does,




These signs are as clear as day! They can’t be missed, and are never questioned!

Well let me tell you, I really wish the universe would give me signs like that!

“Emily, you dumba**, watch out for the GIANT pole that you’re about to walk into!”

HOWEVER, as ridiculous as that may sound

the universe DOES give signs as clear as day,

as humans, we are just not programmed or tuned in to acknowledging that these are in fact signs.

If we were told that red lights really meant to SPEED UP, everyone would understand and follow that sign.

So the only reason we can’t hear or see the signs from the universe is that the universe forgot to give us a book to study from!

We are expected to figure out what and how the universe is signaling us, and although challenging, they are truly the best signs you can receive.


1. Number Sequences

There is no math involved here, just the utilization of your senses to acknowledge the numbers when they appear to you.

There are endless combinations of numbers, and many of those are signs from the universe.  One of the most significant is 11:11.

I started seeing this number sequence about 2 years ago.

  1. My first phone call with my boyfriend ended right at 11:11

  2. A significant appointment with my naturopath that began my healing journey started at 11:11

  3. My favourite house in my neighbourhood was 1111

There are endless sites and resources to support the meaning behind 11:11, but in simplest terms, it means


The universe is SCREAMING at you to look inward at your life, your thoughts or actions.  It is encouraging you to stay positive.

It is a spiritual awakening and an awareness that the universe is watching out for you and that you are on the right path to accomplishing your life purpose!

MY FAVOURITE blog to follow regarding the meaning of numbers is Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers

This breaks down the MANY number sequences that are common to see and the extraordinary meanings behind them in regards to your life.


2. Déjà Vu


That feeling as if you have been in that situation before, or had the same conversation with the same people.  And yet the thought seems so distant that we categorize it as déjà vu!

And why?!

Because we can’t seem to figure out another way to rationalize why we have these distant thoughts that we have experienced this before!

IT’S because we have!

It happens to me in the form of dreams!

I will have dreams about people in my life. Even those I don’t know very well appear in my dream, and we have a normal interaction, and I wake up confused as to why they were there and their importance.

However, a few months later


Down to the exact shirt that person wore!

Déjà vu is the universes way of letting you know something important is happening or going to happen.

So when you feel déjà vu, listen to the conversations, study the environment, the actions of the people or the circumstances in which the déjà vu is occurring!


3. Sh*t is working out for you!

Excuse my French, but EVERYTHING just seems to be going your way!

From getting that “sold out” ticket to see your favourite band, to having someone give you a cell phone just when you were in need of one after it fell in the toilet.

(Hey! Sometimes it happens when you’re intoxicated)

This started happening to me when I longed and willed to be healed from my health issues. I met someone in the gym during a workout, we started talking, and out of the blue, she recommended 3 alternative health specialists that


I found out later that she “felt like I needed to hear this” even before she knew anything about me!

The universe is looking out for you and uses other forces in our world to connect with you, so



4. Finding Objects

This isn’t like eye spy, although that used to be my favourite game as a child.

Finding objects of meaning or significance to you is a clear sign that the universe is either reaffirming your thoughts, watching out for you or guiding you towards a new direction.

My object is DIMES!

Now I don’t go searching through my mom’s wallet to find dimes, but I DO find them everywhere that they wouldn’t normally be.

My most powerful finding was when I quit my job and on the way out of the building, right in my path, was a dime! A reassurance that I was on the right path!


5. Feathers

Feathers are a TRUE sign from the universe and your angels that they are looking out for you! Protecting you or asking you to watch your thoughts!

And every coloured feather has a different message from your angels.

When I first saw feathers it was during my thoughts of leaving my job, but was unsure if I should, if I could, and what I should do with my life.


I walked down the street and saw at LEAST 50 white feathers!

Sometimes, the universe has a SICK sense of humour!!

There are many more signs the universe is giving each of us, and it is up to us to write the book on what they are.

For now, look out for the most

BRIGHT, EXTREMELY obvious signs that we see every day that you will NO LONGER EVER miss again!

Grateful for Today,


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