4 Simple Steps to Program Crystals Today

So you bought your first crystal, now unsure of how to program crystals?

All over the world, more and more people are opening their minds to the idea of crystals and the powers they hold.

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Maybe you found crystals that are designed to bring good fortune.

Perhaps you’re looking for a crystal to protect your energy and help you stand your ground.

If you’re like me, you searched out crystals to heal from a broken heart.

While I am over the moon excited for your interest in crystals, just like any other possession you own, you need to respect the integrity of the crystal.

I have heard of so many people who have purchased crystals, just to have them build up with 2 months of dust.

You may discard your crystal for a variety of reasons:

  1. little to no results

  2. no belief

  3. confusion on how they work

  4. forgetting to cleanse them, and now fueling the energy of whoever touched it before you

  5. not programming the crystal before use

Why do some people swear by crystals and others see no difference in their area of need?

For ONE reason…

The ones who don’t see desired results forget the crucial step in crystal care:

Program Crystals before using!

There are 4 steps it takes in order to harness the powers of your precious crystals.


Buying your Crystal

Now the REAL first step in using your crystals effectively is by BUYING your first Crystal!

When buying a crystal it is important to focus less on the powers the crystal is said to have and instead pick the one that calls out to you!

My favourite place to purchase crystals is The Mystic Moon. There is such a wide variety, and I am able to see them and without knowing what their healing properties are, I can pick one out!

Like a whisper in the wind, the crystal that is subconsciously NEEDED in your life right now will attract you to it!

Usually, the messages or whispers are coming to you through your spirit guides, so be sure to practice open communication between you two!