3 Ways Self Compassion Stops Suffering!

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional!

At some point in our lives, we will all go through pain. From the smallest paper cut to the loss of a loved one, we experience all levels of pain. Pain is a signal from our body that we are at dis-ease.

When you stub your foot, your foot is in dis-ease. When you lose a loved one, your heart and soul are at dis-ease. Pain is a healthy form of expression that signals you to make a change in order to bring your body back into ease.

When it gets to the point where the initial pain is gone, it is no longer pain, it is suffering.

Through this suffering, you are inflicting longer, and deeper pain into your very cells and soul. It is no longer an automatic and subconscious reaction, but a conscious and poisonous one.

Suffering is created through your mind, through the mini movies you play in your head.

Read this blog post about the mini-movies you’re playing that keeping you trapped.

Through these mini-movies, you create a sense of threat to yourself that prevents you from letting go of that initial pain and hold onto it as if you were experiencing it right at that moment.

You stub your foot, yet cradle it the rest of the day, reliving that pain of hitting it, and becoming angry at either yourself or others for helping assist that initial pain.

You create more suffering for yourself than is every needed in this lifetime, all because it’s easier to live in pain than in love.

I have 3 ways in order to live through self-compassion and love that can lessen your suffering!

1. Think about someone that loves you!

Think about that person and every aspect of them! How, when, where, why they love and care for you! Then allow those feelings of love to fill up inside of you! This will trigger a part of your brain that deals with compassion, and begin to rewire the neurotransmitters that connect pain and suffering, to love and compassion.

2. Think about someone that you unconditionally and wholeheartedly love!

Let those feeling swells up inside you! You will automatically release Oxytocin, which is associated with empathy, trust, and love. This is stopping the feelings of suffering!

3. Turn your love and compassion inward!