10 Things I Discovered in 25 Years

10 Things in 25 Years

I have recently been on a very spiritual journey.  Having to go through a struggle always provides a new insight into your life that you may have been unaware of before.

When I look back over my 25 years I realize that there is a multitude of lessons presented to me that helped me get through those struggles.

I have been able to free myself from limiting beliefs, release myself from societies standards, and acquire a deeper connection with my soul!

If you want to live a life of liberation, freedom, and true empowerment, then take these lessons and apply them into your life!

1. Start Each Day with Gratitude!

Say to yourself what you’re grateful for and take a moment to fully feel the appreciation.  Start with 3 things, then 5, then 10.  Begin your day on a good note, and amazing things are forced to follow. 2. Listen to Your Body!

– Your body, mind, and soul are all connected.  For this reason, it is important to listen to the cues from your body.  Feeling aches and pains, lacking sleep, getting sick all the time? These are clear signs that there is dis-ease in your energy, and it’s up to you to figure out why.

3. There is NO ONE as Important as You!

4. Things Don’t Happen TO You, They Happen FOR You!

– When you have the mindset that everything is happening to you, you place yourself in the position of a victim.   This causes your thoughts to be primarily negative.

“I was late to work, this ALWAYS happens TO me!”

“I got a bad mark on my test, this ALWAYS happens TO me!”

“There was traffic and I missed my flight, this ALWAYS happens TO me!”

When you think in this way, you will always believe everything and everyone out is out to get you.

However when you change your thinking to FOR you, your whole perspective changes.  You now feel blessed, and believe the universe is on your side.

5. Everything That Irritates Us About Others Can Lead to a Deeper Understanding of Ourselves!

– You point a finger at others for their flaws, their habits, their personality.  You judge others for their lifestyle and are comparing yourself to strangers. However, did you ever take the time to figure out WHY these things bother you?

Next time you catch yourself becoming irritated with another, do a little reflecting.  Negative reactions always come from a place of ego and can put you in a place of great self-discovery.

6. Begin to Love the Words No and Fail!

– No and Failure are two words that are feared by many.

No running!

No, you don’t qualify for this job!

No, I don’t want to date you!

I Failed my Test!

I Failed at owning my own business!

I Failed at Life!

These words create such a limit on our growth.  They make us feel inferior, vulnerable and weak.


I love these words because I’ve changed the way I see them.

No= Next Opportunity

Fail= First Attempt in Learning

When you change the way you see these words, you change the influence it has on your life.

7. Stop Focusing On The When!

– When you are always focusing on the when in your life, you prevent yourself from enjoying your life at that moment.

: When I’m done school I’ll be happy

: I can’t wait until the weekend

: I wish I already had a family and kids now

When you get into the thought patterns of waiting for the when, you are essentially putting your happiness in the future, and are unable to fully enjoy the present.

Start focusing on living in the present and watch your ‘whens’ disappear!

8.  You Have to Live With Yourself For the Rest of Your Life, Be Kind To Yourself!

– You all need to stop with the negative self-talk, hatred for our actions, our bodies, and our personalities. The more negatively you speak to and about yourself, the more your body will become at dis- ease.  You need to be at peace with yourself because that is the only one who will be with you for your whole life!  Treat yourself like you would you best friend, or sister, with LOVE!

9. Never Regret ANYTHING!

– No matter how bad a situation is, or how much you messed up, never regret that which you did.  Each action you take has either brought you a win or an experience. For the wins, know that the universe brought you in the right direction.  For an experience, understand that you needed to learn that lesson to grow and become stronger for the next time you are faced with a challenge.

10.  Life is Simple, Just Choose to be Happy!

– If you break it down, life is pretty damn simple.  There are many facets in your life that can go wrong, get messed up or be sad.  However, no matter what happens externally, it is YOUR choice to be happy! Don’t force yourself to suffer! When you have the basic necessities, the rest is just an attempt from your ego brain to create turmoil in your life!  Choose happiness NOW, and watch the rest of your life transform.

Hope these lessons provide some wisdom and guidance for you!

Grateful for Today,

EMs Path

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